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Our 12 best TikTok bio ideas and examples

Whether they understand it or not, people are taking to TikTok in a big way. 

TikTok exceeds 1 billion active users monthly, just trailing behind Instagram (1.4 billion) and surpassing other social media platforms like Snapchat (500 million), Pinterest (480 million), and Twitter (397 million). 

If you want to have fun dancing, teaching people new recipes, or promoting your art, TikTok is an excellent way to reach a whole new audience. And a great TikTok bio can help keep your content trending.

Social media marketing is all about relationships, and relationships are about the give and take. Becoming an influencer is tough without giving away a little about yourself. Audiences prefer to give attention to content creators that share their interests, tastes, and values. You have your entire life to confirm your ongoing commitment to fighting global warming, but a good TikTok bio tells your audience exactly who you are in only 80 characters.

Don’t wait until you’ve come up with the best bio for your TikTok to start posting. If you’re creating a new TikTok profile or want to change your existing bio to something more trendy, the process is straightforward:

Step 1

Open the app.

Step 2

Hit the Profile button at the bottom right.

Step 3

Select Edit Profile.

Step 4

Tap the Bio field.

Step 5

Type out all the best things to put in your TikTok bio. (More on that later.)

Step 6

Press save once completed.

If you’re having trouble coming up with TikTok bio ideas, you aren’t alone. That’s why we’ve compiled the best TikTok bio ideas into a list to inspire you. 

Our 12 best TikTok bio examples to get inspired

Beauty & fashion TikTok bios

TikTok is full of fashion advice — from thrifting clothes straight out of your dad’s closet to styling a new Chanel bag. Whether you’re a small-town girl making big looks happen or an e-kid taking striped sleeves to the next level, the best fashion TikTok bios are fabulous and personable. Here are three cute bios to inspire you:

1. Skincare by Snega

skincare by snega

This well-established beauty channel posts reviews, demos, and recommendations for makeup and skincare products — alongside some other ASMR content. Her bio is simple yet effective, letting us know her pronouns, location, and where to find the products she’s experimenting with on camera. (You guessed it — the link in her bio.)

2. Myka’s Closet

mykas closet

Fashion is for everyone, and this bio totally celebrates that. Myka tells us exactly what we can find on her profile: plus-sized fashion and body positivity. Her Linktree leads to different ways to shop her closet and other sites where followers can buy clothes as chic as hers.   

3. Ms. Maverick Muse

ms maverick muse

Ms. Maverick is the ultimate fashionista — she tells us right away that she runs the show. She also tells you where to find details on these important looks and how to shop her recent outfits, if you’re feeling inspired. That link in bio seems like a one-way ticket to fashion success.

Funny TikTok bios

Brevity is the soul of wit, and you can always edit, so don’t overthink it. Name a weird ice cream flavor, say it’s your mood, and start working on your Netflix parody. Or try something else, like what these jokers are doing:

4. Kenzo Mizumoto

kenzo mizumoto

Simple, to the point, and a little self deprecating. It may put people on the backfoot that Kenzo is trying to make us chuckle, but you need to try to succeed. And who doesn’t love a little self-awareness?

5. Matteo Lane

matteo lane

Popular comedian Matteo Lane lists three kinds of content his channel may have. He also shares a personal fact about himself so that we, as his audience, can relate to him better. He rounds it out with links to his other social media platforms. 

6. Chicken Shop Date

chicken shop date

Host Amelia Dimoldenberg (available @ameliadimz) runs the YouTube series “Chicken Shop Date,” interviewing — or going on dates with — artists, YouTubers, and footballers at fried chicken restaurants. Given how funny she is, we can’t help but agree that she’s hosting the best dating show out there. 

Music TikTok bios

Maybe you have an original sound for your synth and soprano saxophone project, and you want your bio to herald that. Great! But your bio doesn’t have to be a Pitchfork article. It’s enough to refer to vibes and leave it at that. Here are three awesome TikTok bios that we’re tuning into:

7. Andrew Huang

andrew huang

Musical polymath, Andrew Huang, makes synth compositions and video essays about his creative process. On TikTok he makes short process videos that demonstrate exactly what kind of “music weirdo” he is. He also highlights what platforms you’ll find in his Linktree if you’re looking for more.

8. Shawn Mendes

shawn mendes

How mysterious, Shawn. While “No bio yet” might constitute a bio, we’ll use the link in your bio to learn more about you. 

9. Gabi Rose Music

gabi rose music

Now that her EP is out, this musician is leveraging her bio to advertise it. If you like the snippets of her music you see in TikToks, you’ll have an easy time finding more at the link below. And if you aren’t sure how well you’ll vibe, she’s upfront about her priorities from the first word. 

Health and fitness TikTok bios

We’ve got some ideas if you want a perfect bio that reflects your pursuit of the perfect body. Here are some bios that can strongarm people into hitting the Follow button:


10. HU Jeffery

hu jeffery

Choreographer and educator HU Jeffrey uses TikTok to give some demos and drive interest for his classes. We love that — but it’s the positive energy that makes his more than six-hundred-thousand followers feel welcome.

11. Hannah Bower

hannah bower

While some people may feel intimidated by gym culture, this influencer invites her audience to be her friend. Plus, she tells us about her life and family, which might help users — like other Moms — connect with her.

12. Smoothie Flip

smoothie flip

Unpretentious and playful at the same time, Kaden keeps his messaging simple. He’s not trying to convert people, but if you see his videos, you can tell these delicious smoothies are working for him. Maybe it’s worth following the link to see what’s up.

Use your bio to drive traffic

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to engage followers. The difference between Instagram bios and bios for TikTok isn’t particularly significant. You can use many digital marketing strategies across platforms to boost your brand, rep your community, and get in under the 80-character limit (like using a well-placed emoji). 

Now that you know how to edit your bio and have some inspiration, regularly updating to incorporate trending hashtags or reference memes is a great idea. Most importantly, your bios are the perfect place for a call-to-action (CTA). Have you heard of #Linkinbio? That’s what it’s for.

Go beyond the bio!

When you sign in to your profile, you may notice several other fields besides your bio, like your username, a photo, and a display name. These will probably hook your followers first, with your bio clinching the deal. 

If you’re still at a loss for bio ideas, you may find an idea will spring forth in response to these other elements:

  • Profile picture: Your profile pic also says a lot about you — presumably because it’s you (though not necessarily). If you don’t feel like a selfie represents your TikTok persona, maybe there’s a meme or a style icon that does. Think about your bio as the caption for this image.
  • Username: You could always just use your legal name, but if you want to retain your privacy, create a username as a chance to double down on exactly what your brand is about. A great username can have your followers asking, “Who is this fascinating person?” Let your bio be the answer.

Connect your accounts with Linktree

Your bio is the place to tell the world if you’re anywhere else on the internet. Add a link to your bio to drive traffic from your Insta or YouTube channel to your TikTok profile and vice versa. 

Linktree is perfect for putting all of your content that’s cohesively your brand in one space. Your audience can learn how to connect with you across the web in one simple click. You also don’t have to update every platform linking to new or evergreen content. Using Linktree is as easy as copy-pasting your next link. The free version provides unlimited links and a customizable Linktree to connect your community to everything you are. 


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