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What is a “link in bio tool”?

Have you ever visited the Instagram, Tiktok or Twitter profile of one of your favorite people, brands or communities, and clicked on the link in their profile bio? More and more often, these links reveal mini-websites full of videos, shops, blogs, fundraisers and more: everything important, all in one link. That’s what we call a link in bio tool.

So, why are they so popular?

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They link to more than one place

With a link in bio tool, you can share as many links as you like – making the one link you’ve got in any social bio work harder for you.

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They’re simple, easy-to-use, hassle-free micro-websites

Unlike a traditional website, a link in bio tool takes seconds to create, update and customize to match your brand or personal style.

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They turn your followers into customers

You can use a link in bio to promote a sale, hype a product launch, highlight your best-sellers, take tips and donations or monetize your content with affiliate programs.

Are you sick of updating the link in your bio in multiple places? Or, do you forget to do it altogether?

Most major social platforms like Instagram and Tiktok only let you add one link to your bio – and if you’re not using a link in bio tool, you’re not making it count. Right now, every time you’ve got something new to share, you have to go to each of your social channels to update the link in your bio every time there’s something new about you to share.


A link in bio tool is a single, simple and memorable URL. Add it once to every social platform you have, and then you’re done! You can keep everything about you on it.. Because the link itself stays the same, when you’ve got something new to share on all of your platforms, you only have to update it in one place – and it automatically updates everywhere for you.

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Turn your followers into customers with your link in bio

As well as growing your audience, increasing your follower count and getting you more engagement, using a link in bio tool helps turn your followers into paying customers.


Link in bio tools are a powerful asset for ecommerce and payments: converting sales and allowing visitors to purchase products in fewer clicks from storefronts right in your social media profiles. If you’re looking to monetize content, the best link in bio tools are custom-built to generate click-throughs on affiliate links.


Not every link in bio tool makes it easy to use affiliate links, take payments or display storefronts. Make sure you get the full experience of what your link in bio is capable of, and trial one that does!

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A link in bio tool can even replace the need for a website

Websites require time, skills and resources to put together. Because of this, link in bio tools are becoming a more popular option for people who want a simpler, more agile, time-saving solution.


For some, it even replaces the need for a site altogether: bringing together all the benefits of a website. Share about yourself or your brand, connect your followers to your other social platforms, share videos, sell products and take payments – all in one place, without compromising on your brand or personal style. It’s possible with a link in bio tool.

Join 25M+ people using the #1 link in bio

Linktree is a single, personalized link that you can share everywhere you are online. Add it to your social bios, storefront, product packaging, business cards and beyond, and keep everyone connected to everything you do, no matter where they find you.

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Grow your followers across all your social platforms

Give your followers easy access to all of your content in one simple link. Now everything you do, and everywhere you are online, is just one tap away!

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Sell your products and monetize your audiences

Display a storefront, take payments for services, and even let your audience support, tip or donate to you and the causes you care about.

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Use in-depth analytics to optimize and grow

Linktree’s powerful analytics show you what your followers are engaging with, so you can use the insights to grow your followers and business.

Create a custom mini-website in seconds

Create a custom mini-website in seconds

Create your own Linktree and customize it in a way that reflects your brand or style – or use a pre-designed template to get going even faster!

Bring your offline world online with QR codes

Bring offline audiences online with a QR code

From IRL to your URL: feature your own custom Linktree QR code on– product packaging, posters and flyers to grow your following at every touchpoint.

Integrate your Linktree with your existing tech

Integrate your Linktree with the platforms you already use

Linktree seamlessly connects to other platforms like Mailchimp, Vimeo, Zapier, Amazon, YouTube, Google Analytics, Sheets and more!

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