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How Side-Hustlers and Solopreneurs Are Using Linktree

Words By Maddy Cox7 mins

What do successful side-hustlers, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs have in common? They use Linktree. And you can too.

When you’re building a business, there’s a lot to think about. That’s why it pays to keep the tools you use as simple as possible.

Linktree is an easy, effective platform for any side-hustler or budding business owner. If you’re just starting out, it can be your digital business card. Or if you’re ready to take things to the next level, you can use Linktree to do things like monitor your traffic performance and capture email addresses.

Sprinkled throughout this article are a some tips of how you can step up your side hustle game with Linktree as well as hot tips from some successful solopreneurs.

First Things First, It’s Affordable

We know that getting a business up and running can come with costs. That’s why Linktree is available for free, or with PRO, where you get all the benefits of free plus enhanced features to help you connect your online identity.

For Dylan Senthilan, that made all the difference when he was starting out. Dylan runs The Chai Villain, a small business that creates a sticky chai blend sold to both cafes and directly to customers.

“That’s what I like the most about Linktree: the fact that it’s not one extra thing I have to pay for,” he says. “As a small business owner, you have so many bills and charges and these things just add up.”

“So the fact that there is a tool out there that can help you market your content and reach a wider audience — it’s amazing that Linktree has it for free.”

Chai Villain Linktree

Keep It Simple

Being a side-hustler usually means you’re working alone and juggling a lot. So to stay on top of everything, you’ve got to keep your processes as straightforward as possible.

That’s something medium Alyssa Grace can attest to. Alyssa is a “one woman machine”: she offers online psychic readings, helps clients with social networking and creates content for her nearly 40,000 followers on TikTok. Keeping all the different branches of her business in one place with Linktree makes things easy.

“I do my readings, I do my scheduling, I do my clients, I do my networking, everything all by myself. Nobody helps me. It’s just me. So having everything on one platform has been really great for me,” she says.

“Linktree has helped so much with connecting people using different outlets and being able to reach a broader network. Especially with my social media getting bigger and bigger, I’m able to manage a lot better.”

It’s the digital business card she sends to clients — whatever service they’re looking for.

“If anyone asks me a question I’m like: ‘it’s on the Linktree.’”

Tell Your Story

For chai maker Dylan, Linktree has been a crucial tool in telling the story behind his brand.

As well as making delicious tea, Dylan likes to create blog content that educates his customers on the history of chai, different methods of brewing and topics like cultural appropriation. It’s a way of strengthening his brand.

Dylan likes to use Instagram to push traffic to the blog. But, of course, he also needs to use his account to drive sales. With Linktree, he can seamlessly do both, adding links to both the blog and the online shop.

“Linktree’s been really good at giving us the opportunity to bring together different posts,” Dylan says.

Convert Customers Quicker

You can now seamlessly connect your Paypal, Square or Shopify account to your Linktree account to make it easier than ever for your customers to shop your products or pay for services!

By reducing the amount of clicks between your content and payment portal, you’re removing friction and making the path to conversion easier. With Commerce Links you can crowdsource tips or donations, sell digital or physical products, collect funds for outstanding invoices and allow customers to request bespoke services.

Make It You

Your branding communicates who you are. With Linktree PRO, you can customize the way your Linktree looks to let customers know what you’re about.

With our PRO subscription, you can do things like add images to your link buttons, select your own background image, use custom fonts, seamlessly collect emails and phone numbers and track insights through our analytics feature. These are all ways to brand your business the way you want to.

The ability to customize her Linktree has been useful for medium Alyssa Grace — and it was a lot easier than trying to build an entire website on her own.

“That customizability was really big for me because it still showed some of my personality,” she says. “I want simplicity but I want something that’s cute and fun but also at the same time. I’m all about appearance.”

As psychic readings are her main hustle, Alyssa especially likes that she can make that link in her Linktree shake to capture attention. “That’s so eye-popping,” she says. “There’s no way someone will miss it.”

Best of all, customizing the look and feel of your Linktree is super simple — no web or design skills necessary.

Alyssa Grace Linktree

We’re QR Code Friendly

Are you taking part of your business offline? Linktree can help with that too.

With PRO, you can create a Linktree QR code and add it as a visual asset to your merch, stickers and content — allowing you to share your Linktree on physical products.

It’s an intuitive way to promote and monetize your art, as well as a way of driving IRL customers to your online ecosystem.

Know Your Numbers

With PRO, you can also use analytics to get insights into how many clients are clicking on your Linktree. PRO shows you your Lifetime Clicks, click through rate (CTR), and views and clicks per day for the past 90 days.

This matters because analytics help us know what’s working, what’s not, and adjust the way we do things accordingly. With the knowledge that analytics brings, you can make your business stronger. What side-hustler wouldn’t want that?

Get Their Email

With PRO, you can add an email signup field to your Linktree to easily capture your customers’ email addresses.

Email is a valuable marketing tool to any business. Compared to other platforms it has a far higher conversion rate, which is the percentage of visitors that complete a desired goal, like making a purchase.

And perhaps more importantly, people keep their email addresses for a long time. Getting your customers’ emails means you’re potentially reaching the next ten to twenty years of their life.

Basically what we’re saying is that side-hustlers or solopreneurs and Linktree are a match made in heaven. Go PRO with Linktree today. 

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Words By Maddy Cox

7 mins

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