Shopify partners with Linktree

Introducing Shopify Stores on Linktree to power your sales

Linktree’s new Shopify feature gives your visitors the ultimate omni-channel shopping experience.

Shopify partners with Linktree

It all started with a snowboard. In 2004, two men wanted to sell snowboarding gear online, but they couldn’t find the right software to customize their store or make it user-friendly. So they decided to build their own. This is how Shopify was born.

Today Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, making up nearly 11% of the total e-commerce market share. According to 2021 data, Shopify merchants run over 1 million businesses in 175 countries.

Like Shopify, Linktree started as a solution to an annoying problem. Both companies wanted to level the playing field for creators, merchants, and brands so that any user could “share more, sell more, curate more, and grow more.” That’s why it’s so fitting that we’ve decided to integrate Shopify features onto our platform.

Starting today, anyone who uses Shopify can showcase their Shopify products and collections directly on Linktree to reach new customers and increase sales. Here’s everything you need to know about our latest product launch.

What are Stores on Linktree?

Stores allow you to create a mini storefront on your Linktree by sharing a collection or products from your Shopify store to display in-app. From there, visitors can buy items right on your bio. Talk about a quick salel!

When you connect Linktree to Shopify, you’re creating another channel to market and sell your products.

Who can add a Shopify Store?

Stores are available to all Linktree users—free and PRO—who have or moderate a Shopify store.

How can I use Shopify Stores on Linktree?

The possibilities are endless—but this new feature happens to be released right before the holiday season so it’s prime time for marketing!

Promote product deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, which means deals, deals, and more deals. Show what’s on sale from your Shopify in your bio, and promote deals across social media channels that point to your Linktree.

Curate holiday gift guides

With Hanukkah and Christmas fast approaching, gifts are on everyone’s minds. Pick and choose products from your Shopify to display as a gift guide on your Linktree.

Highlight your latest products

Seamlessly promote your new arrivals on Linktree. When choosing to display a collection on your Linktree, any updates on Shopify automatically populate on your bio, so you’re not constantly switching out products.

Showcase your best sellers

Highlight the most frequently purchased items from your Shopify on Linktree by adding them as a collection or curating a custom experience by product. Your Linktree visitors will be introduced to the products you’re best known for.

What are the benefits of adding a Shopify store?

Reach new customers

Anyone who lands on your Linktree will be able to shop your Shopify store or click through to see the full collection, resulting in a whole new customer base.

Increase sales

Connecting Shopify and Linktree creates another sales channel for you to sell your products, so you’re not limited to just one website or social media platform.

Learn about your audience

With Linktree’s new PRO extended analytics, you can learn even more about your customers, right down to where they’re buying from. Analytics include activity, top locations, top referrers, device analytics, and more information to better help you focus your marketing efforts. Free users have access to simple yet meaningful analytics, too.

What do Shopify Stores on Linktree look like?

Mod appliances Shopify

Mod Appliances has integrated their Shopify store onto their Linktree (

How to connect Shopify and Linktree:

You have two ways to connect this feature
Option 1: Connect your Shopify from Linktree
Option 2: Connect your Linktree from Shopify
Lastly, follow these instructions to display Shopify links on your Linktree

With more than 2.14 billion people worldwide buying goods online, why not make it easier for them to purchase? Putting Store Links to your Linktree helps you monetize in seconds, increasing your bottom line simply by adding a link.


Words By Melissa Katz

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