Linktree launches a Support Me Link

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There’s never been a better time to take payment for your passion. You can now collect funds by setting up a Commerce Link on your Linktree. 

Linktree launches a Support Me Link

Whether you’re an artist collecting donations, an activist raising funds for a cause or you’re providing valuable information for tips – it’s time to let your fans support you by taking payments through your Linktree.

Anyone can set up a Commerce Link – it’s available to all free and PRO users. To celebrate the launch of Commerce Links, Linktree is waiving all transaction fees – that’s more money back in your pocket! 

Getting started

To start you’ll need to have a Square or PayPal account. If you’re not yet signed up to Square, sign up in just a few easy steps—same with PayPal, or log in to your Linktree to explore providers coming soon.

Then, you’ll need to connect your account to your Linktree in Settings. If you need some helping setting it up, check out the video below.

Once that part is done, create your Commerce Link and let the customers roll in! Hit play below to see how to set it up.

How to maximize payments

Now that you’re ready to roll with your brand new Commerce Link, here’s a few hot tips to help you maximize your donations. 

1. Make it a Priority Link

If you really want to draw attention to your Commerce Link, make it a Priority Link. The animations will ensure your link stands out from the rest!

2. Be transparent

Let your audience know what you’re collecting money for and how their donation will contribute. Make sure to include updates on your social channels so your audience can come with you on the journey. The more you share, the more invested they’ll be. 

Why not ask them to sign up to your mailing list too? That way you can keep them updated, showing how their donation made a difference. If you need help setting up a mailing list on your Linktree, you can do it using our Zapier integration. 

3. Plan your campaign like a PRO

Plan out key milestones, messages for your campaign and anything else you need to get over the line before you launch. Really think about your target audience and where you can find them, then look at the calendar to see where you might be able to leverage other events.

If you’re a filmmaker is there a film festival that you can launch alongside? As an artist, is there an art exhibition or fair that you could launch your campaign at? Or as an activist, is there an existing day of awareness that could help you get your message across?

Think outside the box about how you can launch your campaign to access a wider audience. 

Once you’ve launched your campaign, make sure to check out your analytics page to see where most of your Linktree traffic comes from. This will give you valuable insights on where to focus your energy to get the best result for your Commerce Link. 

Want to see Commerce Links in action? We’ve set up a Linktree to show you how it works.


Words By Maddy Cox

3 mins

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