Linktree Video Links and Social Icon Analytics

New Video Links & Social Icon Analytics

Words By Maddy Cox3 mins

It’s February and we’re feeling generous with four fresh new features for Linktree PRO users including three new video links and analytics for your social icons. 

Linktree Video Links and Social Icon Analytics

Introducing TikTok, Facebook & Vimeo Video Links

If you’re a Linktree PRO user you’ll now be able to embed videos from TikTok, Facebook and Vimeo on your profile in addition to YouTube and Twitch. Rather than clicking the link to go watch your video on another website, your visitors will be able to watch it directly on your Linktree! 

Oh, and the best part? You can have as many videos on your Linktree as you want. Your YouTube persona might be slightly different to your TikTok vibe, we get that. So this new feature will allow you to show off all your sides. 

We should also mention, you won’t be punished for having a video embed link on your Linktree, all the views will still contribute to your total – wherever your video is hosted. This means more video views for you! 


Linktree Video Links

How do I use Video Links?

Video Links are available to all PRO subscribers. Every time you paste a YouTube URL into a new link, a prompt will appear letting you know you can display a Video Link. Your options will be to ‘Embed this video’, or if you still want them to link off to your TikTok or Vimeo page, you can do that too. 

Use Video Links to:

  • Highlight a current campaign that you’re running placing a Video Link at the top of your Linktree.
  • Connect your audience to your top performing video content – you might want your four most-watched videos in your Linktree so that new visitors engage with your highest value content.
  • Promote your new music video
  • Showcase your work if you’re in the creative space – did Linktree just become your new resumé?
  • Share your favorite cat videos

Analytics for your social icons

If you’re a Linktree PRO user, you’ll be able to get an insight into which channels are most appealing to your visitors with social icon analytics. Whether you’re a business, artist, activist or just your everyday content creator making a splash on TikTok – social icon analytics are here to help.

How do I set up social icons?

We’re glad you asked. You can add social icons to your profile in settings. You’ll find everything from Spotify, Etsy, WhatsApp, Patreon, TikTok and loads more. If you get stuck, this support article will guide you through the process.  

Data from your social icons will:

  • Give you understanding of which channel your audience connects with the most
  • Help you prioritize which channel to create content for 
  • Provide an insight into where you should invest advertising spend, if that’s something you’re interested in

If you need some inspiration on how your can boost traffic to your social icons, check out this article by String Nguyen.


Words By Maddy Cox

3 mins

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