Release Notes: Video Links is here to increase your engagement

We’ve been hard at work building out a new Link Type that we have a feeling is going to be a game-changer to the Linktree community. A drumroll please, for Video Links!

First up, what’s a Link Type?

So far in the Linktree Link Type arsenal you have Leap Links, Priority Links and the Mailchimp newsletter integration, Email Links. These are links with additional styling or functionality from your regular copy-pasted URL link. They’re all, including our new Link Types, available with our PRO subscription.

So what’s new?

As our audience grows, we welcome new types of content creators. And increasingly, all creators are adding strings to their bows, becoming less platform-specific. A YouTuber could also be creating content across TikTok and podcasting, while an e-gamer might be streaming on Twitch, engaging with their audience on Twitter and discovering new games on Reddit. Our new Link Types cater to that awesome multi-faceted approach our users (you guys!) are taking with content.

Video Links

This one is a biggie. The new Video Link means that you can have YouTube videos embedded in your Linktree. When the visitor clicks on a Video Link (which will look like any other link on your Linktree), the video will open out from the link and play natively, without your visitor navigating away from your Linktree. If they like what they see, they can click on the video to go straight to YouTube.

We designed it to integrate seamlessly with your Linktree. The video pops out smoothly for the link and we’ve stripped out as much noise from the player as possible. By not playing full screen, the visitor to your Linktree can still see the other link options and so are encouraged to increase conversion.

How do I use Video Links?

Video Links are available to all PRO subscribers. Every time you paste a YouTube URL into a new link, a prompt will appear letting you know you can display a Video Link. Your options will be to ‘Embed this video’, or if you still want to just link straight off to YouTube, you can select ‘Link off to this video’.

The great thing is you can have as many Video Links on your Linktree as you like! It’ll help your audience find the content that connects with them most, with no friction.

Use Video Links to:

  • Drive visitors to your latest video content by placing a Video Link at the top of your Linktree.
  • Connect your audience to your top performing video content – you might want your four most-watched videos in your Linktree so that new visitors engage with your highest value content.
  • Videographers, scriptwriters, sound techs, advertising creatives, designers – showcase campaign work you have collaborated with brands on.
  • Share a teaser vid for a new announcement – it might only be 10 seconds long, but it’ll leave your audience wanting more.
  • Create a welcome vid for your Linktree – explain to the visitor what content they’ll find, or give your elevator pitch!
  • Link to your current ear worm or favourite skit.

Selena is using Video Links for new single

Selena was fast to use the new Video Links feature to showcase the official video for her new single, Boyfriend, which was released on April 14. Selena’s audience can play the full video from her Linktree, which leaves them open to also click into further links and discover the content there (rather than heading off into YouTube and potentially ending up on another artist). Her audience can link to shop from her merch store, can stream the track on the platform of their choice or donate to her Covid-19 fund.

It keeps those eyeballs engaged with Brand Selena! Smart marketing.

We look forward to seeing the smart ways the Linktree community uses Video Links – as always, it’s you guys that inspire us to keep pushing Linktree to new frontiers.

That’s something Fast Company recognized recently, honoring us on their Most Innovative Companies of 2020 list, and featuring us at number four in the social media category, alongside Cameo, Community and Pinterest! To say we’re chuffed is an understatement. Big thanks to all of you for getting us there –  our promise to you is we’ll stay at the cutting edge of social media innovation.


Words By Katie Smith

4 mins

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