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“Click the link in bio.”

If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen this ubiquitous call to action at the end of a post from your favorite Instagram influencer, Tik-Toker, or a famous brand. Many social media platforms allow users to include a link in the bio section of their profile leading to a website, news article, or product. The drawback is that you’re typically limited to just one link, despite having multiple channels or pieces of content to share. Fortunately, the “link in bio” is a simple yet effective tool that eliminates those limitations. We’ll show you how it works.


What is a link in bio tool? 

As the name suggests this is a clickable URL in your profile’s bio that allows users to drive audiences to all their links, conveniently consolidated on one custom landing page. For example, using link in bio for Instagram or link in bio for TikTok means that you can access every single social media platform, blog piece, news article, podcast, product, fundraising initiative, and website in one spot. You no longer have to go through the tedious and time-consuming task of swapping out links to add another or making updates across all social media platforms. And if you want to avoid the substantial upfront costs, ongoing maintenance, and time commitment it takes to run a website, using a link in bio tool is a great alternative. 



Linktree profile of creator who is an artist, writer and travel influencer
Linktree profile for a clothing company that sells utilitarian clothes

Can a link in bio tool help you monetize your following? 

Time is our greatest currency, and the immediacy of accessing all your links on one platform makes for a smoother, faster experience for followers and visitors to your page. The ease of discovery also removes the obstacles to promoting multiple products and services. 

Not all link in bio tools are created equal. To sift through the multitude of options available, there are several factors to consider: 

  • Do I get one short link? A shorter link is simpler for your audience to remember
  • Can I collect payments through this link? If you’re planning to monetize your following, customers should be able to make payments through this link
  • Can I make it my own and connect it with my platforms? You should have the option to make customizations that reflect your brand and align with your vision
  • Can it help me learn about my audience? Analytics will provide insight into the habits of your followers
  • Does the tool come with great support? An experienced support network will help you maximize the features of the tool 
  • Is there a free version? A free version is ideal for getting a feel for the product before leveling up with a paid option

Linktree was ahead of the curve in providing a solution to the linking conundrum by creating the first-ever link in bio tool. It takes only a few seconds to set up, is easy to use, and is affordable. The free version is anything but basic, allowing unlimited links, customizations, themes, and avenues for monetization. Unlock an even more robust set of features with a paid plan starting at $5 USD per month. 

To provide comprehensive support to customers attempting to navigate the link in bio space for the first time, there’s a new link in bio website with tons of information on effectively using a link in bio tool. Users can access a catalog of information, including:

Visit to learn more about link in bio solutions, get started with our library of resources, and join our more than 25 million users worldwide. 



Words By Nasha Smith

4 mins

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