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February Release Notes: We’ve just introduced a bunch of new features for musicians

Here at Linktree, we know how much artists have to juggle. You’re not just making music – there’s also merch to sell, tours to arrange and releases to promote.

Artists have typically had to link fans to each of these platforms one at a time, leading to disconnected and poor experiences. Some fans just want to discover your music, others are searching for your event info, and your biggest fans want to find your latest merch. Where do you send them?

That’s why we’ve been working on new features designed to make life a little easier for musicians. We’ve just rolled out a bunch of big updates for Bandsintown, Shopify, Audiomack, and SoundCloud, as well as new customization options for Music Links and custom video backgrounds for your Linktree. They’re all designed to help you get more streams, and sell more tickets and merch, from one single link. 

“In today’s world, artists are expected to do everything and be everywhere,” says Sammy Kaufman, Linktree’s Music Lead. “Our updates are here to make it easier to be a modern-day musician and give you time back to do what you really love: make music.”

It’s a rollout we’re excited to introduce because Linktree was born to support musicians. 

A few years ago our founders were managing digital strategy for bands and festivals. They needed a way to put everything an artist had to promote into one link – so they created Linktree.

Today, Linktree is so much more than just a way to link out, it’s a destination for your fans to listen, shop, and more. Here’s an overview of what these new updates can do for you.

“In today’s world, artists are expected to do everything and be everywhere,” says Sammy Kaufman, Linktree’s Music Lead. “Our updates are here to make it easier to be a modern day musician and give you time back to do what you really love: make music.”

It’s a rollout we’re excited to introduce because Linktree was born to support musicians. 

Get your music heard with Music Links

Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, Amazon, Deezer and Pandora… in 2022, there are a lot of different places to stream music. That’s why we’ve made it easier for your audience to find you on their platform of choice.

With Music Links, we’ll automatically find your music across 16 different services. Visitors to your Linktree only need to click one link directing them to your new music. From there, they can choose where they’d like to listen. 

As well as the 16 streaming services Music Links will automatically find your music on, you can now manually add your music across 57 additional platforms – as well as edit, hide, and re-order how they’re listed on your Linktree. This means Linktree supports over 70 different streaming services.

“At the end of the day, more of your fans are now able to listen to your music on their preferred platform,” says Linktree’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Daniel Harris

And a lot of big acts are already utilizing our Music Links function. The Strokes are using it to direct listeners to their latest album, The New Abnormal. Mike Shinoda is using Music Links to promote his Ziggurats EP.

To promote more than one release at a time, you can even embed multiple Music Links on your Linktree. That’s what pop fast-riser Dylan Woods is doing – she’s got her two most recent singles in Music Links.

In today’s landscape being able to direct fans to multiple releases is important, says Kaufman.

“More music is being released than ever before. We no longer live in a world where an artist puts out an album every 1-2 years. Our Music Link allows creators to prioritize multiple releases simultaneously all within a fully customizable page that lets them be true to their brand.”

Music Links on Linktree

Engage fans with custom video backgrounds

Artists want their Linktree to look and feel their own, and while you could previously add custom image backgrounds, now you can use the power of video to stand out and grab the attention of your visitors. 

Add your Spotify Canvas Video, a clip from your latest music video, or create something new and unique just for your Linktree! Custom video backgrounds are available on all paid plans.

Custom Video Backgrounds on Linktree

Boost your plays on Audiomack and SoundCloud 

We know artists have preferred streaming platforms for their music too. So to help you direct your fans to a certain platform, we’ve made it possible to add Audiomack and SoundCloud players right on your Linktree.

Now fans can stream playlists, albums and songs from Audiomack and SoundCloud, as well as artist pages on SoundCloud. You can add these players alone, or as part of a Music Link.

SoundCloud Audiomack on Linktree

Sell more merch with Shopify

Merch is an important income stream for artists – that’s why we want to help you sell more of it.

Our new Shopify integration lets fans shop your latest designs from your Linktree by automatically showing your new and popular items. Or, if you’d prefer, you can manually select what you want to showcase from Shopify.

It’s designed to boost your merch sales by creating an on-platform shopping experience.

On average, Linktrees with the Shopify integration are driving 60% more views to their products and collections.” explains Harris. 

“With the Shopify integration, people can actually see your products right on your Linktree instead of clicking off and going to the Shopify store. So we see increased engagement, which helps our artists get more eyes on their merch, and drive more sales of that merch.”

If you want some merch inspo, check out how Caroline Polachek and Remi Wolf are using the Shopify integration to promote six of their most popular designs.

Shopify Spring on Linktree

Sell more tour tickets with Bandsintown

It’s now possible to embed your live event dates onto your Linktree using Bandsintown, the #1 concert discovery platform. This will ensure your fans never miss a show, and help you reach your audience among Bandsintown’s 66 million registered users. 

As with selling merch, the Bandsintown Link is designed to help you sell more tickets by helping your audience shop where they scroll. Fans can also easily follow you on Bandsintown to get your show alerts and direct messages.

Bandsintown on Linktree

The bottom line

All of these updates make it easy for musicians to connect their entire ecosystem simultaneously. 

“These new features mean you can give your fans one place to listen to your music,shop your merch, and find tickets to your events. says Linktree’s Entertainment Partnerships Lead, Albert Smith. “So while someone’s listening to your music on Spotify, Audiomack or SoundCloud, they can see your upcoming tour dates with the Bandsintown Link and they can shop your latest merch with Shopify.”

We like to think these updates make Linktree your one-stop music destination. 


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