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Linktree’s Trajectory Through the Eyes of Data Scientist Clem Levecque

This Linktree team member joined the business two years ago and shares why for her, it feels like family.

Clem pictured on the left at a Girls in Tech event.

We’re fortunate enough to have experienced rapid growth over the past two years, and with our recent announcement of a $110 million raise and unicorn status, we’ll continue to build and scale our amazing team who are on a mission to empower anyone to curate and grow their digital universe.

So what has this growth journey looked like from the perspective of a Linktree team member who’s been on the journey along the way? We asked Melbourne-based, Clémence Levecque. 


What’s your role and what team are you on? 

I’m a Data Scientist/Data Engineer and I work within the Insights and Recommendations team, in charge of developing cool recommendation systems for our creators.

How long have you been at Linktree? 

I’ve been at Linktree since February 11, 2020 (one day before we all started working from home yay!), so I just celebrated my two year anniversary.

Tell us about your first day at Linktree. What was that like? 

Well I was lucky that I started in the Collingwood (Melbourne) office and it was a really warm welcome. I had just moved to Australia a month earlier and it felt like I had found my local family. Some of the people who welcomed me on that first day are still some of my closest friends today. I remember really precisely the collection of smart, extremely curious and interesting people.

What’s it been like to experience Linktree’s trajectory over the past two years? 

These past two years at Linktree went by fast but they’ve been so enriching: it’s been challenging, fulfilling, exciting all at the same time. So far I’ve worked with three or four different teams around the business and have seen our initial data team grow immensely and then split into smaller, more developed and precise teams. Being part of an early stage startup means that you need to be very flexible, learn fast and adapt even faster. I feel like my experience at Linktree really complements my professional experience so far as I’ve seen my confidence grow with the company and in the people around me. 

What has been your favourite memory so far? 

I have so many now. Notably the times our favorite candidates accepted their offers and the Friday afternoons when we would gather and exchange our wins. Last year, our wonderful Irish colleague Eibhlín organized (from Ireland) a gathering with my teammates in the Melbourne office to surprise me for my birthday. After a year of lockdown, it was the busiest I had seen the office and it meant so much for everyone to finally gather and celebrate in person. I think every time we’re in the office now feels special.

What was your reaction when you heard the news about our latest funding round and unicorn status?

Mostly pride and relief. Shared pride with all the people who’ve put so much effort and hours into this company and product, there’s so much always happening behind the scenes. It really felt like “yes we made it.” And relief because it is so encouraging to observe these results and know we’re moving in the right direction. It helps to take a step back from day-to-day work and see how much we’re helping creators and how much they drive our purpose – and also make us aware that there is still so much to do.

What are you most excited about in Linktree’s future? 

I think Linktree is at a turning point where it used to be seen as a useful tool and now we’ve seen a shift to it being the central place for your online presence. Linktree has a lot to offer and can have such a positive impact on society. I’m so excited to see it become the product it can be as well as seeing it develop in the physical world: it always gives me a big smile to see our QR codes in public spaces, in businesses or at events like Girls in Tech Australia.


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