Introducing Linktree’s Book Links

Books are our best companion; they’re accessible in all forms, keep us company on cold rainy days and are the perfect way to start a conversation with someone. 

Authors and publishers alike work hard to get their books out into the world, which is why we want our users to be able to highlight and easily share their books with their communities, spark conversations and tell diverse stories across the globe. 

At Linktree, we are always working on new ways to empower our users with the tools they need to grow their audiences and monetise their passions across platforms. With over 640K users identifying as writers, we wanted to make it even easier to share and discover their books on Linktree.


Introducing Book Links 

This new feature enables users to add a Book Link to their Linktree so their followers and visitors can find their book listings on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Better World, and Books-a-Million – there is the option to also manually add alternate booksellers if you want to support your local indie bookstore. 

Convert your followers into book fans 

Have you ever seen a book and immediately needed to buy it? For publishers and authors, you’ll be able to link your books in your Linktree to increase your book sale revenue — by driving traffic to wherever your masterpiece may be listed across leading online booksellers. 

With an easy one-link experience, you can convert your followers into owners of your newest book at their preferred retailer. If you have Linktree Pro, you can also track the performance of your Book Link through Analytics. 

Share your stories

Book Links empowers authors to promote their newest release from pre-order status to publication day and beyond. For publishers, they’re able to share links to the latest BookTok viral sensation or the newest Lee Child release. The feature connects followers and visitors to their next good read, and builds a community of book lovers. 

Maximise your affiliate earnings with Pro

With Linktree Pro, if you’re an author involved with Apple Books, Better World Books, Books a Million, or Barnes & Noble affiliate programs, you can add your affiliate tokens to your Book Link. This means you can earn more commissions from visitors that purchase your book and keep track all through Analytics.


Find your next read

Ignore your toppling TBR and buy another book! Have you been eyeing off that celebrity memoir or the newest sci-fi release from N.K. Jemisin? The Book Links allows you to easily access your next read through your preferred bookseller. This means you can  keep supporting your favourite bookseller and dive into your next book purchase without a single regret. Happy reading!


Ready to share your book on Linktree? Add the Book Link to your Linktree now. 

Head to this  link for a step-by-step tutorial on how to add your book with the Book Links



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