Amazon handmade

Selling Crafts Online: the Artisans Behind Amazon’s Handmade

Words By Katie Smith8 mins

Crafters, creators and makers of Linktree: did you know you can now sell your wares through Amazon? We chatted to two craftspeople doing exactly that, to find out how they run their businesses online.

Amazon handmade

Amazon Handmade is Amazon’s destination for handcrafted goods, created by local artisans from over 80 countries around the world. Each of the artisans listing their craft has been approved via Amazon’s application process – they set a high bar for what it means to be “Handmade.”

Once approved, artisans are able to create their Artisan Profile, list their products, and use Amazon programs like fulfilment by Amazon to enable Prime-shipping to reach millions of customers and grow their business. That’s super useful to the Linktree community – you lot are some of the most creative out there!

So let’s get to know two Linktree users and Amazon Artisans. We chatted to Tara Youngquist, the jewelry-maker behind Foxlark Alchemy, and Lauren Miller, the soap connoisseur behind Sunbasil Soaps.

First up, we have Foxlark Alchemy!

Amazon Handmade
Amazon Handmade

Tara, tell us a bit about Foxlark.

“Hi! I started Foxlark in the winter of 2014 in NYC – we create handcrafted jewelry pieces from natural crystals, stones, wood and metal. We use a process to form the metal that combines my love of art and science and results in an organic look and allows every piece to be unique. I wanted to create something where each individual piece is unique and the process I use allows me to do just that. We travel a few times a year handpicking every stone and crystal that we use in our jewelry.”

When did Foxlark become full-time for you?

“Foxlark started as a side project when I was working for an amazing company in NYC. Within a few months it grew into a full time job. I transitioned to making my jewelry full time by the end of 2015 and in the last two years it has also allowed my other half Matthew to start helping me full time too. That has made a huge difference and really helped us to grow.”

What are your most popular products?

“One of my favorite pieces is our crystal vial necklace. They each have a crystal and a tiny glass vial to house your favorite keepsake, essential oil or perfume in. I recently started a new project with essential oils and combining the crystals and the oils was just the perfect fit for us.”

Amazon Handmade

Tara’s pieces are really unique and she’s a styling pro!

What tools do you use to grow your business?

“Social media and marketplaces like Amazon Handmade have been the entire reason I’ve been able to grow my business. All of my sales and marketing is online and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow me to reach my followers and share all my new pieces. “Selling on multiple marketplaces has really helped grow our shop while tools like Linktree give me a way to share those links with all of our amazing followers. We have so much going on and having my Linktree allows me to showcase all my projects together.”

What’s the hardest part of selling artisanal products online?

 “Time management! As an independent artist you do everything for your shop. Come up with the designs, make the pieces, take photos, create listing on your sites, juggle social media and learning how to get found of the different marketplaces, plus packing each piece and shipping out every order. Just finding the time and balancing everything is one of the most difficult things especially for me when at times all I want to do is create!”

Do you have any advice for those new to crafting?

“Just keep going! Keep working, keep creating, keep trying new things. Anything is possible if you are willing to make it happen.”

Foxlark's Linktree

We love Tara’s Linktree for Foxlark! She’s used a custom image upload, which is available with Linktree PRO. In fact, browse and choose from 1000s of professional-pics with our Unsplash integration.

Tara has also used thumbnail imagery to draw attention to her most important link – her website. And she’s used our Mailchimp integration, which means her audience can sign up to her newsletter without leaving her Linktree! 10/10 for Tara!

Next we have Sunbasil Soaps!

Amazon handmade

Can soaps make you hungry? Top left. We think so.

Lauren, with your background in corporate banking did you ever think the biz would grow like it has?

“When I started Sunbasil Soap, I was a brand new mom and was just looking for a creative outlet to play with fun colors and scents and carve out a little me time in the busy demands of being a momma. I never dreamed we would be running three online websites including Amazon Handmade, Etsy and our own ecommerce well over a decade later!”

Amazon Handmade
Amazon Handmade

Why soap-making?

“Eleven years ago, when my kids were in preschool, I declared I was going to start making soap. I didn’t know how, but I ordered $100 worth of supplies and started getting lost in bright colors, shapes and scents. I put my head down and set aside my expectations of perfection and got to soaping! I haven’t stopped a day since 2008.”

What are your hottest products?

“Our most popular products at the moment are our gift sets, succulent soaps and mermaid-inspired bath and body. Our Mama Bear 5-piece pamper box is our number one – all moms deserve some self care! We make mermaid bath bombs and body butter daily for unique party favors along with mermaid tail soaps and gift sets.”


Amazon Handmade

These succulent soaps are Lauren’s favorite to make and our favorite to stare lovingly at.

Do you follow trends in the beauty world?

“Confession – I am a YouTube junky! I do spend quite a lot of my free time watching videos from the beauty community. However, early on in my business I decided to follow my own path, making something original. It is necessary to be on-trend and know what people are looking for but it is imperative for the integrity and sustainability of your business to create your own brand, your own voice and niche.”

"It is imperative for the integrity and sustainability of your business to create your own brand, your own voice and niche. "

What tools do you use to grow your business?

“SEO is big focus for any online business so as much as it’s not the fun part of a handmade business, it is very necessary. I spend more hours than I would like researching keywords, editing and then re-editing listings.

“Instagram is my favorite social media platform by far and we use Linktree to make it easier for customers to navigate our websites, blog and newsletter. I especially love how simple it is to create easy shopping sections for during busy holidays. It’s like a one stop shopping hub with a streamlined look, perfect on mobile devices.

“I also use Pinterest daily – it’s the very best social media out there for getting traffic to websites. Those permanent URL links are like gold! I use Tailwind to schedule our pins as it saves so much time and prevents a spammy look on your page.”

And one piece of advice for newbie crafters?

“Focus on proper listing and SEO. You can have the most amazing handmade item but if people can not find it, it will just be that amazing while it sits in your studio!

“My second piece of advice, I learned the hard way. You can not grow your business and be all these roles forever – maker, supply inventory, customer service, shipping, listing, advertising, photographer, social media and website guru. Hire help as soon as it fits for your business income.”

amazon handmade

Sunbasil Soap on Linktree

With its swirling shapes and water colors, it’s like May’s Smiling Mind theme was made for selling soap! Bad news if you didn’t install the limited edition theme in May – it’s no longer available – but stay tuned for more themes coming soon!

Lauren has a great range of links, with attention-grabbing copy like “Unicorn obsessed” and appealing content like an interview with Allure magazine. She’s used the social icons that come with PRO, to link to all her social channels at the bottom of her Linktree, including her traffic-driving Pinterest.

Thanks to Lauren and Tara for giving us the crafty-biz lowdown. If you’re selling your artistry online and linking to it through Linktree, check out Amazon Handmade. We’ve just added button functionality to Handmade links, so that you can add custom Amazon branding. It’s a neat way of reassuring your shoppers they’re shopping securely, and with upmost convenience.

We dig it and if you do too, show us over on Instagram. Find all of our socials on our own Linktree.


Words By Katie Smith

8 mins

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