How The Food Industry Uses Linktree

Words By Katie Smith4 mins

How do some of the world’s most-loved cafés, bars and restaurants juggle being primarily physical destinations, with a need to dabble in digital? With the help of Linktree of course!

These businesses have plenty of unique challenges which mean that, often, digital is far down their priority list. Things like being entirely customer-fronting, shuffling staff schedules, having multiple suppliers and working with fast-expiring produce.

And yet, as Coffee Supreme and The Grounds recently shared, digital and social are becoming an increasingly vital part of thriving in hospitality. That calls for a streamlined way to be digital and to easily connect your online audiences with what they want to find – converting them with minimal effort into customers. Linktree is a part of that – helping hospitality businesses connect their important online destinations seamlessly, without the need for website building.

These five hospo businesses show us how it’s done

Brooklyn Winery

This urban winery in New York City produces small batch wines. It’s also a wine bar for the public and an event space for weddings and corporate dos – it’s fair to say they’ve got a bit on!

They use Linktree to make sure their online traffic discovers the best way to interact with the business, no matter how or where the visitor discovered it. Thumbnail imagery makes the links even simpler to navigate.

Top marks for: Using the Mailchimp integration means Brooklyn Winery are collecting their visitors’ email addresses from within the Linktree – the visitor doesn’t have to navigate away from the page to submit their email and can still discover other content.

Gelato Messina

These guys make the kind of icecream you travel for – even all the way to Australia. Not only is Messina a popular chain of gelato stores, cater events, and are desert wizards, hosting haute icecream dining nights. Their Linktree ties all these pursuits together in one destination, turning an Instagram voyeur into a customer, or a Twitter follower into an attendee.

We love the chocolatly branding of the Lintkree that ties in so well with Messina’s wider look. Thumbnail imagery and descriptive copy on the links makes this Linktree super clickable.

Top marks for: Using the Social Icons at the bottom of the Linktree to grow audiences across all social platforms.

Sidecar Doughnuts

How drool-worthy is this Linktree?! There is a lot we love from this doughnut company, which despite only having three stores, has over 150,000 followers on social media.

Sidecar Doughnuts uses its Linktree to show locations and opening hours, ordering for pick-up and ordering on Postmates. And that ‘Be Our Friend’ button? It houses the Mailchimp-integrated email signup – visitors simply type their email in that box.

Top marks for: The image uploaded for custom background. It’s on-brand and eyecatching without detracting from the buttons.

Common Man Coffee

Great branding here from Singaporean coffee roasters Common Man, who have a Kuala Lumpur outpost. They’re using their Linktree to connect their audience to their three locations, their coffee bean retail, their charity work. Their Linktree helps show the living, breathing brand behind the coffee.

Top marks for: Using solid, colored buttons, which makes the link copy really stand out against what could be a busy background otherwise.

Never Coffee

This one is real cute. Never Coffee Lab in Portland has just two locations, but a truckload of social chutzpah. We knew we loved then when we saw their Insta bio reads “Signature drink creations to ruin commute times. Expensive wifi. Roasting since 3018”. These guys aren’t just good with words, they’re killer on branding too – from their coffee packaging, their stylish Instagram, and right through to their Linktree.

Top marks for: Keeping it simple! Just three buttons – two of which are Google maps to their locations (so useful when your customers have discovered you on Instagram on their phone) and one to their website. Short ‘n’ sweet!

Key Takeaways

  • Email capture is a great way to share new store openings, events and new products. Using the Mailchimp integration is perfect for in-Linktree signups.
  • Upload your own picture for your Linktree background to hone your branding.
  • Color-filled buttons stand out well against patterned backgrounds.
  • Link to your location on Google Maps! It’ll open in-app from phones – perfect for getting feet through the door!
  • Go PRO and get thos Social Icons to grow your audiences further.

Are you in the hospitality industry and using Linktree? Show us what you’ve got! Come say hi online – find us here.


Words By Katie Smith

4 mins

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