Malibakes in her brightly lit, yellow bakery. She's smiling, and squeezing yellow icing onto an immaculately plated cake. We're looking at her through the glass of her counter, and in the background, there's an artwork sitting on the bench that says "I love cake".

How Melbourne-based Mali Bakes turned a lockdown project into a successful business

ICYMI, last week we revealed our new brand identity that puts Linktree creators front and center, where they belong! We took the opportunity to chat with Melbourne-based Mali Bakes owner Patti Chimkire, to find out more about MaliBakes, how she’s using Linktree to grow her business, and what it was like being one of the faces of our rebrand.

Tell us a bit about your business, Patti! How are you using Linktree?

We’ve been using Linktree for a year and a half! We specialize in bespoke cakes for celebrations like birthday parties, weddings, and everything in between and surrounding. Mali Bakes began as a lockdown project. From there, we’ve opened up a store front and studio!

Getting to this point wouldn’t have been possible without platforms like Instagram, and tools like Linktree. We’ve found that Linktree’s Shopify integration has made it even easier for our customers to browse designs because it assists in making their decisions. Linktree is intuitive, and has given us a way to guide our customers through our journey and story – and make them a part of it. It’s phenomenally easy to navigate and create an experience with Linktree, and all that can fit right in the palm of your hand!

Which Linktree tools can you not live without?

Having the contact form available has been invaluable for us. Giving the customer a direct line to us, without having to open their own email, has made the entire experience much more streamlined and enjoyable (for us, and our customers).

We’ve also been loving the analytics. They give us a beautiful insight into how we’ve been doing on a digital platform, and show us quickly how much of these are turning into actual sales.

How central is your brand for you at Mali Bakes?

From the very beginning, we’ve had a very clear idea of the brand and image that we want to project with Mali Bakes. Our retro cakes are fun and colorful, and bring with them a sense of nostalgia, and playfulness! That’s the kind of attitude we bring to the aesthetic. We’ve been working with our friend, and amazing graphic designer, Ryan Scott (from A Little Colour) to bring this to life from a color level with our photography, font, and every facet of the business. We love cakes, and we’re always looking for ways to make them just as delicious for your eyes and tummies.

Why did you decide to be part of the rebrand content shoot we had here at Linktree?

Using Linktree has been such an amazing experience, especially for us as a new business owner. We’re excited that, like us, Linktree is a Melbourne-based company that is all about supporting growth and community!

Which elements of the new Linktree brand are you most excited about?

We’re all about customization, and giving any experience a more personalized dimension. That’s what we’re most excited about with the new Linktree. Customization! We’re going to be spending a lot of time playing around with and developing a Mali Bakes aesthetic with all of these new features.

What sets it apart, for you?

Linktree has just been such a dream to use. We’ve noticed nothing but benefits. Everything has just been so simple, effective, and immediate!

We believe in the core message of “Link everything you are.” This is what sets Linktree apart for us. It’s a message that resonates with us because at one point in time it would have been impossible to imagine Mali Bakes existing. But, by bringing together a love of good times spent with friends and family, a passion for colour and an unending appetite for cake – and linking all of these together – we’ve been able to bring something fun, and good, and worthwhile to the world directly from ours.

Check out Patti and MaliBakes in our recent video spot:


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