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Linktree had a makeover! Here’s the inside scoop on what’s changed, and why

You might have noticed that Linktree is looking a little different. The rumors are true: we’ve had some work done.


Linktree's new brand

Linktree began back in 2016 with a simple, straightforward design that allowed creators to effortlessly unify their digital presence. With over 24 million global users to our name, we’re chuffed with how far that design took us. But we thought it was time to level Linktree up.

Today, we’re unveiling the new-look Linktree. It’s still the same Linktree you know and love, with some fun evolutions.

“We needed a design that was future-focused, really flexible and can tell many different stories,” says Linktree co-founder Nick Humphreys, who led the redesign alongside design agency Collins and a team of Linktree’s brightest minds.

For Nick, there were a few big ideas that led Linktree’s redesign. So for a look behind the curtain, we asked him to talk us through what’s changed – and why.

The driving forces

With a maximalist visual language, the new look prioritizes deeper connection and global accessibility for the 1.2 billion people looking at Linktrees each month.

Example Linktree profile small business brand Avery selling tshirts and hats

The animated silhouette treatment, which treats two-dimensional elements in 3D space, invites visitors to dive beneath the surface. It works in concert with other graphic elements, where each composition implies a window in the user’s digital universe – bringing the diversity of users to life by inviting an opportunity to explore the depth of the links further.

Link Sans custom typeface

We created a new custom typeface called Link Sans. Allowing for optimal accessibility across languages means that the typeface can exist alongside other scripts with minimal interference, making it a global typeface. You can learn all about it here.

Linktree’s new color palette is powerful, opinionated, and expressive. It’s grounded by our quintessential brand colour, Canopy green, and ultimately led by accessibility – with all combinations meeting AA standards.


billboard saying "link everything you are"

A design that puts people first

First and foremost, the vision for the redesign was to put the creativity of Linktree creators front and center.

“The biggest difference with the new design is that it’s highly focused on people and the personas of our audience,” Humphreys says. “We wanted to respect all of our creators and tell their incredible stories.”

While the original Linktree was focused on representing the simple functionality of our product, this design puts people first. It uses motion, a kaleidoscope of color and arresting photography effects to allow users to show off what makes them special.

Everything is designed to seamlessly bring together all the different elements of what Linktree users do. So if you have a few different hustles on the go – say, you’re a musician who also has a killer merch line – the new design will make it easier for you to show off all your talents at once.

Want to know more? Delve deeper into the visual design strategy here.

A truly global product

Another top priority was making Linktree a great experience for anyone, anywhere around the world. That meant creating a product that is truly global – something brands don’t always think about.

“Sometimes you’ll see localization of content and it just doesn’t feel quite right: for instance, a shampoo ad being very deliberately shot so that it could be used across the world with the audio dubbed in different markets. We really didn’t want to do that,” explains Humphreys.

“Indonesia has a totally different flavor of content to Brazil, so Linktree needs to be able to adapt to the appetites of both markets.”

The look and feel of Linktree had to work globally. That meant creating a design that was flexible and adaptable, as well as a global typeface that can support all alphabets.

A Linktree that works for you

There’s a wide variety of creators on Linktree.

“We’ve got the Royal Family and Playboy, to give you that spectrum,” Humphreys laughs. That meant the challenge for Linktree was to create a design that could be “dialed up and down according to the persona of who we’re representing”.

The new Linktree can be as eye-catching as it needs to be: we’ve used motion, layers and arresting color palettes to tell our creators’ stories.

“It was about very deliberately being a flexible brand that can work across all of the campaigns, all of the channels, all of the creators that we’ve got,” Humphreys says.

Are you ready to grow your digital universe with Linktree? With just one link, you can grow and monetize your following across all social platforms.

See creators Kye, Luke and Patti showcased in the new brand in our recent video spot below.

A stylised silhouette cutout collage of Linktree logo and woman


Words By Emerald Leung

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