Take a Mental Health Day to Manage Your Offline Presence

Words By Joan Westenberg3 mins

Sometimes you need to tell the internet – “we’re going on a break.”


🌲 Take a break from your online presence

🌲 Try and create boundaries IRL

🌲 Don’t give up the internet – just get some space

There’s nothing wrong with taking a break. To live a bit, to explore, to go outside or just to look up from your screen.

We stand by that. 

It’s easy to get exhausted or overwhelmed by information and notifications. 

We all know how it feels to spend hours in bed, death-scrolling through social feeds. We get too immersed, and we start comparing ourselves and our lives to curated content on social media platforms. It doesn’t unlock a healthy state of mind, but it’s a loop we can get caught up in. 

What if we’re starting to forget how to engage offline?

What if we’re starting to forget the user experience of the real world?

Anyone who tells you that you have to be connected to your phone, your audience or your side hustle your entire life is someone we wouldn’t want to hang out with at a festival!

The average person clicks on 5000 links per day. That’s a lot. But there is only so much we can consume online before it starts to consume us. 

So what’s the alternative?

Nobody needs to give up technology and quit the internet. We just need to create better boundaries between our online and offline presence.

The best method for maintaining any kind of balance is just refusing to let your online presence control your time. And refusing to feel bad when you can’t make more time for every tweet, comment or post.

It’s not possible to always be more connected and we can’t keep up the same level of digital engagement without feeling it in our mental health sooner or later. The balance is important.

We don’t have 15 ways to disconnect and get closer to nature. We wouldn’t want to read that article, so we’re sure not going to write it, and publishing more content to keep you online is going to miss the point. 

We have a better idea. We’re cutting this post short, and we’re going to log off and take a break. We hope you’ll finish reading this and do the same. 

Today? We’ve given everyone in the Linktree team the day off to look at their own mental health and wellbeing. It’s our Friday gift to the whole company, and we’re getting outside.

Because the internet isn’t going anywhere; but the real world is something we don’t want to miss.


3 mins

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