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Psst, Marketing Juniors & Interns: Here’s How to Impress the Boss!

Every intern that came before you smiled lots, enthusiastically did the coffee run and diligently tided the store cupboard.

But we get it, you really want to impress the socks off the team and show them your potential as a marketing gun. Here’s how you can.

marketing intern

Marketing is laugh-a-minute, we swear….

Get prepped

Before you start your placement or new role, do your research. Get familiar with all the marketing channels the company uses, where their largest audiences are, and take not of the different types of content they use across different platforms.

Be ruthless, check beyond the oversize triplets that are Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. Sign up to the company newsletters, download the freebies, see what’s happening on LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and SlideShare. Does the company speak at events? And if they have a blog, make it your business to read it. All.

Doing all this means you’ll start with an understanding of tone right off the bat. You’ll know where the priorities lie (which will indicate where you might be needed) and you may even spot a hot new opportunity!

Do your certifications

Show you’re keen by taking the required marketing certifications before you begin. There are lots of free courses out there to help you get insights from the marketing tools businesses use, like the Google Analytics Academy and Digital Garage and Blueprint from Facebook.

You’ll quickly become familiar with the sorts of metrics and language marketers use, which immediately improves your value. If you’re not sure where to start – ask your manager which platforms they use.

marketing intern

Introduce them to Linktree

This one took even us by surprise! An intern in the United States recently slid into our DMs to say that she’d introduced her marketing boss at a radio station to Linktree and that she’d earned serious kudos for spotting an opportunity to connect social audiences to more content. Naturally our hearts swelled – <3 you know who you are!

"I put Linktree on our Instagram and my bosses think it's the coolest thing and I got tons of kudos for it!" <3

Linktree is a great marketing tool for juniors to introduce, because it’s solving an entirely new problem that those bogged down in the trenches of marketing might not have clocked. (You can share this article with them!) Not only that, but marketing managers love Linktree because junior team members can create their own landing pages for updating content, without needing access to the actual blog or website.

Let them know that you can connect all of their social accounts, as well as articles, website and email sign-up form in one place, using one URL. Heck, even add the office Spotify playlist in there.

Tell us if you’re a marketing junior who’s introduced Linktree. We’re rewarding your smarts with a $50 Amazon voucher for every PRO account created, to go towards more tools, gadgets or books to help your career grow. More deets at the end!

Offer to do competitor analyses

In fast paced companies, a marketing manager might not have had time recently to perform a competitor analysis. Take the initiative and offer to create one and they’ll certainly remember your name, maybe they’ll even offer you a job.

You could create a document mapping out competitor follower numbers, growth over time and their post frequency. You could also do a round-up of cool things competitors have done recently.

Stay cool

And by cool, we mean clever. Stay on top of the latest tech and marketing trends and you might be able to introduce the company to the Next Big Thing. Get yourself a Tik Tok account (the music app is growing at breakneck speed), sign up to the Digital Trends newsletter and get nerdy on While you’re at it, even sign up to the Linktree newsletter!

You’ve got this – just be yourself. Unless you’re a bit of a jackass, in which case, tone it down would you? 😉


If you’re an intern or marketing junior who has managed to bring Linktree PRO to your teams’ attention, we want to hear about it! Email me on . If your recommendation got taken up, we’ll send you an Amazon voucher! 


Words By Katie Smith

4 mins

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