Getting started with a Linktree PRO account

Getting Started with Linktree PRO

Linktree PRO is designed to help you get closer to your audience, grow your tribe and build your corner of the internet


🌲 Use Analytics to understand what your audience wants 

🌲 Collect leads through SMS and email subscribers

🌲 Bring out your best and #blessed with a priority link 

🌲 Feature your latest video at the top of your profile

🌲 Customize your look and feel 


Getting started with a Linktree PRO account

Use analytics to understand your audience 

Our PRO analytics can give you insight into who your audience are and how they want to connect with you. Data isn’t the sexiest part of your social toolbox, but it’s where you unlock the biggest opportunities. Use your knowledge of where people are clicking, tapping and exploring to make the most of your Links!

💡Log into your Linktree PRO account and click on the Analytics tab 

💡Select the date range you want to learn more about (the default is 7 days)

💡Scroll down to explore your number of views, your number of clicks, and the platforms where your audience is discovering you.

Check out how Marketing Consultant, Finn McKenty optimizes his profile using Linktree PRO.

Analytics you'll get with Linktree PRO
Gain subscribers with Linktree PRO

Drive your audience to subscribe via SMS and email

The most powerful way to grow an audience is to own it yourself. By using Linktree PRO, you can give your fans the option to subscribe to updates via SMS and email, keeping them closer to the action and letting you build a database of your most dedicated followers. If you want to include a subscription link, it’s as easy as clicking on the Settings tab and switching it on.

💡In your Linktree account, click on the Settings tab

💡Under Integrations you can toggle on SMS and email subscriptions

💡You’ll be asked to connect your Mailchimp or Google Sheets account to save your new list of top fans

By using PRO, you can give your fans the option to subscribe to updates via SMS and email, keeping them closer to the action!
Linktree PRO priority links

Make your links Pop! (literally…)

Your priority link is your lead single. Make your most important content stand out by highlighting it with an animation and drawing your audience to it. You can choose from a Buzz, Wobble or Pop action to make sure it’s catching the right eyes to promote your latest video, article, product or your newest channel! Enhance it further with a thumbnail image or choose from hundreds of custom icons!

💡Click on the Links tab

💡Under your links, you can click on the Star icon to choose one priority link

💡You’ll be prompted to select from a range of animation options

Embed your next breakout video 

You can embed a video right at the top of your profile. Linktree PRO users can increase the reach of their YouTube and Twitch channels and gain those extra views without copying and pasting video links everywhere. Embedded videos are the easiest way to share your latest updates! If you’re a streamer, this should be on top of your to-do list.

💡Paste a YouTube video URL in the URL field when you add a new link

💡A prompt will appear, hit ‘Got it’ for your Video options to appear.

💡Your options will be to ‘Embed this video on my Linktree’, or if you still want to just link straight off to YouTube, you can select ‘Link off to Youtube website’.

Linktree Video Links

Customize your aesthetic 

Creating an aesthetic that makes sense across your channels is even easier with Linktree PRO. You can completely customize the look and feel of your Linktree with new backgrounds and themes, social links and buttons designed your way. New with PRO, you can add custom icons to each link, making your profile look better than ever and increasing your accessibility score along with it.

💡Click on the Appearance tab to update your look and feel

💡Choose from our pre designed themes or customize your options your way

💡Scroll down to style your links with fonts, your favourite image and the colors that match your brand

Worried about being banned from Linktree? Don’t worry, check out this piece from our social media manager explaining why that won’t happen to you.



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