4 Great Examples Of Linktree in Action

If you’re new to Linktree, looking to perfect your page or are just playing voyeur, we’re here for you! Let’s take a look at some of our current faves.

linktree donna hay

Brand immaculately like Donna Hay Magazine

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The recipe site of popular Australian chef Donna Hay has picked a Linktree palette that perfectly suits the brand. It also contrasts perfectly with Donna Hay’s own Linktree. Blue and white is a nice, clean palette that contrasts with the food pictured in those fab thumbnails, making the eye draw to the yummy recipes.

The publication also points its audience to other social media sites using the social icons, which are available on the Pro service. You’ll find them under ‘Settings’ when you log in to you Linktree. Pick however many you want to include.

Donna Hay Magazine has linked to its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. But you might chose to include your Linkedin, SoundCloud, Whatsapp contact number, email, Patreon, Twitch or Pinterest url. The choice is yours!

Why include social icons on your Linktree?

Using social icons makes sure your audience is engaged on the platform they relate to most. It’s really useful to have your Instagram icon included because a visitor may stumble across your Linktree from Google or may be linked to it by a friend – that way you can still get them to discover you from your original location!

Using social icons makes sure your audience is engaged on the platform they relate to most.

Linktree is popular with chefs and the wider food scene because the way audiences browse recipes is unattached to their date of publication. Unlike celeb gossip or news, where you tend to want the very latest update, recipes have a much longer lifespan online. Ensuring the audience can still find the recipe when they click through the bio link is critical for growing a brand.

Here’s another famous chef using Linktree:

Jamie Oliver’s striking imagery

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Hugely popular TV chef and restauranteur, Jamie Oliver, uses Linktree to connect his 7 million followers to his content. He’s used a mouth-watering photographic background to really catch the eye.

linktree jamie oliver

What we love most about Jamie’s Linktree is the range of content he links to. From the one page you can discover seasonal recipes, order his latest books or pre-order his upcoming release, reserve a table in one of his restaurants or buy his merchandise.

This Linktree crams some serious business in, under a unified look. We applaud!

From one page you can discover Jamie Oliver's seasonal recipes, order his latest book or reserve a table at one of his restaurants.

Go to Queensland  – or visit its Linktree!

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The Australian state of Queensland doesn’t just have great beaches, it has a great Linktree.

linktree queensland

We love the simplicity of this Linktree. There’s not an overwhelming amount of links – currently there are six, which point to a range of content.

Those links are also given really intriguing titles, like ‘Everything You Need To Know About Turtle-Hatching Season. That creates an instant reaction in the reader of “damn, I know nothing about turtle-hatching season, I better click this“. Or at least, it did for us.

Sold on Queensland? Expedia might help you get there

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Another example of killer branding – Expedia’s Linktree is totally ‘owned’ by them with brand colours.

Every link is clearly labelled so that the visitor knows where they’re headed, whether that’s to the blog, to deals or to tickets.

Expedia’s Linktree makes it really clear which link directs you to help – drawing attention to their customer service using an icon on that link only.

linktree expedia

Inspired? Take a go at creating your own Linktree – there is no charge on our Free subscription! Then show us your work over on Instagram.

Key Takeaways:

You don’t need to have a Jamie-Oliver-sized audience to follow these best practice tips. These tricks will help set your ‘brand’ and engage your audience, no matter the size of your following.

  • Pick a palette and background image/theme that represents you.
  • Use social icons (available to Pro) to ensure that your audience grows on every platform.
  • Use a range of links – do you have a Whatsapp group, an Amazon shop, a newsletter or booking form? Link to them all!
  • Think about the way you describe your links – what is going to make someone click? You can either be super direct, ‘Get tickets here’, very useful ‘Ten steps to the perfect headstand’ or intriguing ‘What do Jamie Oliver, Expedia and 2Pac have in common?’. (They all use Linktree, btw!)
  • Use priority links (available to Pro) to draw attention to the thing that matters most to you. It means your content efforts will be rewarded.

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