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The 2022 Creator Report

It doesn’t matter which platforms you’re on or how many followers you have: If you produce and seek to monetize content, you’re a creator. Dive into what it means to be a creator today, and what it takes to make it on the web.

New & Noteworthy

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Leo Heinert

Check out all the latest content from this real estate agent/skateboarder, where you can rent an apartment or book an NYC skateboard tour!

The Growth Planner

Explore this digital planner’s tools, designs and inspo in their Pinterest board, displayed directly on their Linktree.

Alice Blake Art

See all the amazing work from this Ukrainian artist who is raising funds to support her community in this challenging time of war.

Top Influencers

Discover popular Linktrees from all around the world

The Home Edit

Did you binge this show too quickly or like us, can't get enough of the second season on Netflix? Shop their feed or find inspiration for your home project in 2022.

The First Grade Creative

Check out this passionate teacher’s collection of free templates, resources or engaging classroom ideas, empowering your lessons both in-person class or at home.

The Holistic Psychologist

With more than 300k subscribers on YouTube, this clinical psychologist is leading a community of healers. Watch her latest video or sign-up to the waitlist directly in her Linktree!

Global Ambassadors

From coaches to influencers to streamers, Linktree Ambassadors share the link love across industries and platforms

Passion Fund Winners

Incredible projects from the winning creators, business owners, and activisits.

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