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Seamlessly share your best content to grow your followers

Linktree embeds the content you create in one place, so you can extend your reach and grow your following. Turn your link in bio visitors into TikTok, YouTube or Twitch followers.

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The #1 link in bio tool for creators

Linktree is a single, personalized link that you can share everywhere you are online. Add it to any social media bio, Tweet, Instagram sticker, YouTube description and beyond, and keep your followers connected to everything you do.

Create a custom mini-website in seconds

Design your Linktree to look and feel like you in seconds

You don’t have to build a website to get a design that fits your style. Easily add fonts, colors and pre-made themes that reflect who you are!

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Measure your performance for brand partnerships

Get the quick and simple stats you need to show brand partners that your collaborations are popping off.

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Sell more merch by displaying a shop in your bio

Having a storefront right in your Linktree means you can make more money from your merch.

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Get one URL that you can use anywhere

From Instagram and TikTok to BeReal and beyond – your Linktree works in any bio link, but you only have to update it once.

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Start conversations and score brand collaborations

Add a form or share your contact details to make it easy for brands to reach out and work with you.

Get meaningful insights

Learn what works and what doesn’t with analytics

See where your followers are, what they’re clicking on and which of your platforms generate the most traffic and revenue.

This is what’s missing from your link in bio

Gone are the days of needing to understand code to design a digital presence that looks incredible. Use the Linktree app to easily customize your profile on the go.

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Make more money from the content you already share

Collect payments, tips and donations. Share affiliate links. Sell products, merch and more, straight from your Linktree. Whether you’re starting your monetization journey, or looking to level up: Linktree makes it simple and brings it all together in one link.

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How you get started

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Create your free Pro account in seconds

It takes less than a minute to set up your Linktree account. While you’re at it, why not try a free 30-day trial of Pro and add video backgrounds, automations and more? We’re pretty sure you won’t want to, but you can cancel or switch back to a free plan at any time!

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Customize your Linktree to look and feel just like you. Then, add your links!

Choose a design that creates the best experience for your followers. Link to everything from your content to your socials and store.

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Share your Linktree everywhere to grow your cross-channel following

Put your Linktree URL in the bio of your social platforms, and anywhere else new followers might find you. Then, you never need to update that link again!

Millennial Money Honey
 Finance Creator & Influencer

“I’d recommend Linktree, especially to other creators who have multiple things they are trying to drive traffic to.”

Millennial Money Honey

Finance Creator & Influencer

Got questions?

What is a Linktree?

Linktree is a single link that you can use to reveal everything you’re sharing, everywhere you’re sharing it – all in one place. You can add this personalized URL to your bio on any social media platform, in your email signatures, on business cards, and anywhere your followers, visitors and customers might discover or interact with you.

“Linktree solves the most obvious problem a majority of creators have had by allowing them to promote ALL of their platforms, products, services, etc in the same link.” – @rileydoingthings

Why is Linktree a better marketing tool than my website?

Influencers and creators that don’t use Linktree tend to swap out their social bio links every time they have something new to promote. One day, it’s their website. The next, it’s their most recent product collaboration. After that, it might be their latest YouTube video. With Linktree, you don’t have to choose between the different things your followers need to see – and you never have to spend all day swapping out all of your bio links again. Linktree highlights, hypes and drives your followers to what’s most important in one link, without making it harder for them to find everything else – and without making them leave their favorite social channel! It’s easier to update on the fly, and you only have to do it once.

What do social media influencers use Linktree for?

Linktree is the perfect place for social media influencers to bring everything they do into one view, and package up the conversion and engagement data for the brands they collaborate with. For example, fitness influencer Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) uses Linktree to promote his app, his ebook, discount codes for his followers, recent blog posts and podcasts. Joe also shares social icons for the platforms he’s focused on growing, and his followers can stream full workouts on YouTube right in his Linktree. No matter what your goals are and where you are in that journey – if you’re an influencer, Linktee has what you need to optimize for them.

What do creators use Linktree for?

Linktree empowers creators to surface their whole ecosystem of content, products, projects, collaborations and more in just one bio link. For example, popular chef and creator Binging with Babish uses his Linktree to promote his cookware line, cookbooks, website, Spotify playlists – and of course, his latest YouTube video, which his followers can watch right in his bio link on any platform. Babish also includes social icons for every platform he’s on, so fans on one platform can more easily follow him everywhere! No matter what your goals are and where you are in that journey – if you’re a creator Linktee has what you need to optimize for them.

Where should I use my Linktree to improve my social media presence?

If you’re a creator or influencer, here’s a starter checklist of places your Linktree belongs:

  • Your bio on every social platform you have (e.g. Instagram, Tiktok, BeReal)
  • Your Youtube profile
  • Your Twitch profile
  • Your Cameo profile
  • On your blog
  • In your email signature
  • On your product packaging and collateral

For more ideas on places you can add your Linktree, visit our Help Center.

Is Linktree safe to use on all of my social media profiles?

Linktree is trusted by all social platforms, and is even used on many of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok’s own social media accounts! Because Linktree is the original and most popular link-in-bio tool, the URL is a trusted, identifiable and familiar link that audiences feel comfy and safe clicking on.

Can influencers and creators get paid on Linktree?

Yes, you can! Linktree offers both creators and influencers tools and opportunities to monetize their content in different ways. According to our Creator Report, affiliate marketing and the sale of physical products are the two biggest revenue streams for creators. That’s why Linktree supports affiliate linking programs for all types of links (including music), and embeds Spring and Shopify stores powered by Paypal or Square right in your Linktree. It’s also packed with other options: from Tip Jars to taking paid requests and more. You can rest assured that you’ve got the best possible bio link for sales and monetization.