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The team at Linktree is a thriving community of 200+ colleagues spread across the world, with a benefits program to match. We spend our days building unique interactive tools, forming partnerships and teasing out one-of-a-kind insights: everything it takes to empower our base of 25M+ creators to keep selling, sharing, growing and linking limitlessly.

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Thrive, your way

Staying healthy, inspired and motivated to bring your full self to work is something that we think everyone deserves. Linktree’s industry-leading approach to benefits puts you in the driver’s seat to shape a life where you can flourish (at and away from your laptop).

Total rewards program

$6KAUD Total Rewards program

Nobody knows you better than you. That’s why every Linktree employee gets $6000 AUD to spend on their wellness, growth, lifestyle, and on creating positive impact in their communities. From gym memberships to courses, childcare, pet insurance, holidays and green energy initiatives: the benefits that will keep you coming to work in tip top shape are yours to define.

Parental, pregnancy loss and miscarriage leave

Parental, pregnancy loss and miscarriage leave

Inclusive of both birthing and non-birthing parents, our 18-week parental leave policy is designed to help enable everyone at Linktree to support their families and ease the transition back to work. It includes a return experience program offering backup childcare support, a stipend for expenses like expressing devices, and more.

Transpositive inclusion policy

Transpositive Inclusion Policy

All of our inclusion policies are built closely in partnership with community members. Our Transpositive Inclusion Policy begins with gender inclusion training for all Linktree employees. Our trans and gender diverse employees have access to a mental health support stipend, and for those on a gender affirmation journey, we provide both financial support and leave for your consultations and procedures.

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Mental health, wellbeing support and coaching

On your first day at Linktree, you’ll get free access to Headspace and Uprise, including 1:1 sessions with a qualified psychologist, coach or counsellor of your choosing, who can meet your personal and professional challenges in context.

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Flexible, remote and asynchronous workplace

With teams based in Melbourne, LA and around the globe, we’ve been dialing in and working asynchronously across time zones since day one. Whether you prefer working remotely, in an office or both – the choice is yours, and we meet you where you’re at. We even have a $1000AUD work from home reimbursement to get your setup sorted.

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Our commitment to social impact

This commitment starts with the individual: we offer 20 hours of volunteering and mentorship leave for every Linktree team member to support causes they care about. We commit 1% of all revenue to support social good causes and initiatives. To date, we have gifted 5,500+ lifetime Linktree Pro accounts to nonprofits including Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood, UN Refugee Agency and 1 Million Women.

A workplace that lets you know you belong

At Linktree, you’re part of an empathetic, vibrant and globally-minded culture where your voice always matters. As we scale, we meet challenges and grow together, connected by how much we care about the meaningful work we do. Through training, workshops, events, community, support and inclusion policies, we foster a culture that appreciates each human in it for exactly who they are.

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How we make the magic happen

We all bring something different to the table (and we wouldn’t have it any other way). Here are the values that we operate with to find the right path forward together.

Go further together

Our individual roles are different, but it’s our collective responsibility to take initiative.

Defy the ordinary

Bold and unbounded energy fuels us to do the best work of our lives.

Act then adapt

We take big leaps forward through thoughtful risks. We jump in, make tracks and course-correct as we’re moving.

Own your part

If we see something that needs fixing, we speak up and fix it.

Let curiosity lead

We believe in the wide-eyed wonder that drives us to new discoveries. We never stop learning, so we never stop growing.

Pursue deliberate simplicity

We seek clarity in the complex and clear clutter from our communication.

Go further together

Our individual roles are different, but it’s our collective responsibility to take initiative.

Defy the ordinary

Bold and unbounded energy fuels us to do the best work of our lives.

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