Adding your contact details to your Linktree is now easier with our Contact Details link type. This feature allows you to use your Linktree like a digital business card and your visitors will be able to easily download your contact details onto their phones or desktop.

Tip: Alternatively, you can use our Form link if you would prefer that your visitors share their contact details with you so you can get in touch with them.

Follow the steps below to add a Contact Details link:

  1. Log in to your Linktree Admin

  2. Click 'Explore Links' button to see the available link types

  3. Select 'Add Contact Details' from the dropdown options

  4. Give your link a title

  5. In the setup, enter the details you would like displayed on your Linktree including your name, occupation, email, phone number, and more.

And that's it! Your contact details are now available on your Linktree for your visitors to download.

Contact details download for linktree

Please Note: The download will be a VCF file (vCard) that will save to the visitor's address book.

On our PRO subscription, you will be able to see the number of clicks and advanced analytics by viewing your individual link analytics. At this time, we do not count the number of downloads for your Contact Details link, but it is something that we are hoping to have in the future.

Please Note: Currently, visitors on Chrome/TikTok/Instagram browsers using iOS will not see the download button on your Linktree. They will only see your contact details displayed and they will need to manually add your details to their device's address book. Every other device and browser experience will be able to download your contact details to their device’s address book. We are working hard to fix this issue to have the download button available for all devices and browser experiences. We want to thank you for your patience while we work on this update.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team by emailing

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