When you create a Commerce Link such as a Support Me Link or a Request Link, you now have the option to allow your visitors to help cover the cost of the payment processing fees.

This feature gives you the flexibility to offer visitors the opportunity to further contribute and help fund your passion projects.

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To learn more about the Linktree processing fees, click here.

When you are setting up your commerce link in the Links section of your Linktree admin, you can configure this setting for each commerce link to add to your Linktree:

  1. Locate the commerce link you want to edit

  2. Click on the ⚙️ icon to open the Link Editor

  3. Toggle the option ‘Payer can help choose to cover transaction fees’ on or off

Toggle turned on:

  • This presents the option to the payer to add an additional amount to their transaction to help cover payment processing fees. This will be presented on all transactions via that commerce link.

  • The total amount to be added to the transaction will be displayed.

  • The payer must tick a box to confirm they agree to add this amount to their total.

Toggle turned off:

  • This option allows you, the Linktree user, to cover the cost of the processing fees for all transactions via that commerce link.

The payment processing fee contribution presented to your supporters is based on:

  1. The lowest possible fee charged by your payment platform provider and

  2. The Linktree Commerce Link processing fee, based on your subscription (Free or PRO)

Example for a Linktree user on the Free subscription with a Square commerce integration:





Payment provider fee (e.g. Square)

Lowest published transaction fee rate per provider


Linktree fee (e.g. Free subscription)*

Linktree transaction fee based on subscription tier see here for more on Linktree fees.



Payment provider fee % + Linktree fee % = Contribution %







Original Transaction Amount




Amount visitor can choose to add to their total

Base transaction amount / (1 - Contribution %) = Optional Contribution amount

$100/(1-3.65%) = $3.79



Total transaction amount

Base transaction amount + Contribution amount = Total transaction amount



Fees deducted by Square

1.9% x $103.79



Fees deducted by Linktree*

1.75% x $103.79



TOTAL fees deducted from the total transaction amount

Fees deducted by Square + Fees deducted by Linktree



TOTAL amount Linktree user receives after fees applied

Total transaction amount - TOTAL fees deducted from the total transaction amount



*To celebrate the launch of Linktree's Commerce Links, the Linktree platform fee is currently waived.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team by emailing support@linktr.ee.

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