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How to protect your Linktree account from malicious software (Malware)
How to protect your Linktree account from malicious software (Malware)
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What is malware?

Malware is unwanted software that’s installed on your device (computer or phone) without your permission. It's typically created by bad actors and is designed to obtain sensitive information such as your login details and personal information. Malware can be disguised as an application, a popular app on an app store, or a browser extension.

To get rid of any malware that you might have downloaded, you can:

  • Install and scan your devices with an up-to-date independent antivirus scanner

  • Remove untrusted extensions or add-ons from your web browser

  • Reset your browser settings

  • Update your operating system

Tips to protect your Linktree account

Below are some tips to protect your Linktree account from bad actors:

  • If you suspect that your Linktree login credentials have been compromised, you should reset your password immediately.

🔔 Note: Make sure that any malware is removed from your device before you reset your password.

✏️Learn More: Depending on the device that you’re using, you can find more information on how to prevent and remove malware from Microsoft, Google and Apple.

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