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How to add an NFT Gallery Link
How to add an NFT Gallery Link
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At Linktree, we want creators to be successful in every new project they undertake. When it comes to Web3 and NFTs, we’ve created features that solve the biggest challenges in this space. To start, the NFT Gallery lets you display NFTs right on your Linktree, giving collections you own or love more visibility.

💡 Tip: Check out Web3 and NFT link types to learn about our new Web3 features and everything you need to help you build your Web3 community using Linktree.

🔔 Note: Currently, only the Metamask wallet and the OpenSea marketplace are supported for this feature. NFTs must also be minted on the Ethereum network (as opposed to the Polygon network). There'll be more options coming soon.

Follow these steps to create a gallery of NFTs by adding an NFT Gallery link or an OpenSea link.


  1. In your Linktree Admin, hit the + Add link button.

  2. Select View all to see our Link Apps and select NFT Gallery under Connect your content section.

  3. A new NFT link type will appear. Give your link a Title.

  4. Hit Add a Wallet to connect your Metamask wallet.

    🔔 Note: If you're on a desktop, your Metamask browser extension will launch. On mobile, you'll be taken to the Metamask app, where you'll be required to complete the flow in the Metamask browser.

  5. Once you've connected your wallet, use the dropdown option to select the marketplace you wish to send your visitors to.

  6. Select up to six NFTs from your wallet that you would like to display in your gallery.

    🔔 Note: Select the NFTs in the order that you would like them to appear in your gallery. To remove an NFT, simply touch/click the image, and then your gallery will reorder accordingly.

  7. Hit Add NFTs.

That’s it! Your NFTs will display directly on your Linktree with a verified mark. You can also add NFTs from across multiple wallets by creating another NFT Gallery link from the explore menu.

🔔 Note: This feature hasn’t reached the Linktree app just yet, but you can still add an NFT Gallery Link in your web browser by following the steps above.

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