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How to add a Reddit Profile Link
How to add a Reddit Profile Link
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Reddit is one of the world’s leading discussion websites, allowing its members to submit content and share videos in their subreddit communities.

With our link detection, you can add your Reddit profile directly on your Linktree to show off your Karma and share your Cake Day.


  1. In your Linktree Admin, select the + Add link button.

  2. Select View all to see our Link Apps and find the Reddit app under the Grow your following section.

    💡 Tip: You can also click Add to Linktree from the Linktree Marketplace.

  3. Give your link a Title.

  4. Paste your Reddit profile URL in the URL field.

  5. A new thumbnail will appear below your link URL with setting options.

  6. Select Display a preview of a Reddit profile.

You’re all set! Your visitors will now see a preview of your Reddit profile right on your Linktree.

🔔 Note: This feature hasn’t reached the Linktree app just yet, but you can still add a Reddit Profile Link in your web browser by following the steps above.

Reddit profile on a Linktree

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