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Intellectual Property Infringements (Copyright/Trademark)
Intellectual Property Infringements (Copyright/Trademark)
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Linktree is proud to give creators a space of their own to express their creativity and showcase their work. However, we also take any claims of intellectual property (IP) infringement very seriously. An infringement could be in the form of a username, an image like an avatar or background, or content shared via a link on the profile.

💡Tip: Our IP Takedown Policy, including definitions of copyright and trademark, can be found here.

How to submit an IP Infringement report

If you have found a Linktree profile that infringes on your copyright or trademark, please report it to us via our IP Infringement form. Your submission will be sent to our Trust & Safety team for review and you'll receive further updates or instructions via email.

If your claim relates to copyright, please make sure you provide a link to the Linktree profile and specific details about the work being infringed (including proof of ownership).

If you are disputing the use of your trademark, you must provide official documentation showing your ownership of the term. This is usually in the form of a certificate. Please note that screenshots from public websites (such as search results from the USPTO website) aren't accepted.

How to submit a counter-notice

If you have received a notification regarding action on your Linktree (i.e. your profile banned or your content removed) and believe this was an error, you may file a counter-notice via the IP Infringement form. Simply select the appropriate option (copyright or trademark) and then select the counter-notice option.

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