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We take malicious activity on a Linktree very seriously. We pride ourselves on keeping our community safe and free from inappropriate and fraudulent content.

Why is my account banned?

If a Linktree is found to be in breach of our Community Standards, appropriate action will be taken - including the removal of the offending content or a complete ban on the account.

How do I appeal a ban?

If you feel like your content was removed or your account was banned by mistake, you can reach out to us and submit an appeal via our Appeal a Decision form. Please make sure you provide all required information, so that our Trust & Safety team can review your claim promptly.

Please be aware that we'll only respond to appeals received from the account owner.

💡 Tip: If you’ve noticed a particular Linktree that's posting fraudulent, spammy, or inappropriate content, you can report the profile via the Report A Violation form. Click here to learn more.

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