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#StandWithUkraine: The Action Feature
#StandWithUkraine: The Action Feature
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You can enable a banner on your Linktree to show your support for Ukraine, empowering your visitors to donate and discover resources too. This feature is available to all Linktree users ready to #StandWithUkraine.

How to turn on the Support Banner

  1. In your Linktree Admin, navigate to the Settings tab and find the Support Banner section.

  2. Hit the toggle to turn on the feature.

  3. Select the dropdown menu to find and choose #StandWithUkraine.

What your visitors will see

This banner will appear as a pop-up at the bottom of your Linktree, visible to anyone who visits your Linktree. Visitors can either accept the prompt to take action or exit the pop-up to view your Linktree as normal.

Hitting the ACT NOW button will take your visitors to a Linktree we’ve compiled with further resources, support, and education on how to donate and get involved.

Stay safe while taking a stand

Sadly, in some parts of the world, a simple social media update can result in targeting for retaliation online or in real life. It’s always important to consider your own safety (and that of those around you) when taking action for the causes you care about. It’s always beneficial to stay curious, think twice, and consider any implications when you post content or add it to your Linktree.

Here are some other great ways to help safeguard your identity when you’re taking action online:

  • 🗺 Turn off location tracking in any social apps where you're sharing content. Remember, photos can contain GPS and location info, so consider disabling your location in your camera and photo apps, too.

  • 📲 Make sure your Linktree password is hard to guess and is different from your other social accounts.

  • 🔏 Enable two-factor or multi-factor authentication on any social media account where it’s supported, so only you can log in no matter who has the password.

  • 📧 Think twice about where you chat. Do your research about the background of encrypted platforms.

  • 🍪 Manage, review, and delete your cookies regularly.

  • 🕶 Browse in private or incognito mode as often as you can.

  • 🔮 Consider what data you’re sharing without intending to. e.g. Does what you’re sharing include notable landmarks that could give away a person’s location? Are you showing people’s faces without their permission? What might different people with different intentions get from what you’re sharing?

  • 💸 When donating (or encouraging donations), verify the safety and legitimacy of the company first. If you’re not sure where to start, see our list of vetted organizations!

  • 🔎 Learn about misinformation to help make sure the information you’re acting on is accurate (and empower your audiences to as well).

  • 💻 Prevent the likelihood of information being manipulated by getting familiar with cyberbullying.

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