What are Commerce Links?
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Commerce Links will allow you to take a payment from a visitor directly on your Linktree without opening a new web browser or tab. It can be used to process transactions, empowering you to monetize your content as a creator, and is directly integrated with a payment provider account.

💡 Tip: View our Payment Provider article to learn more about the available payment options for Commerce Links.

Buy Me a Gift

Allow visitors to support you with a small gift by adding a Buy Me A Gift Link on your Linktree.

Payment Lock

Add a Payment Lock to your Document Link and have your visitors purchase the link to unlock and access your latest ebook, newsletter, and more.

Tip Jar

A Tip Jar Link allows you to collect payments from your visitors.

Request Link

A Request Link allows your visitors to request goods and services from you right from your Linktree.

Request link on Linktree

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