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My links are not appearing. What should I do?
My links are not appearing. What should I do?
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There could be a few reasons your links aren’t appearing on your Linktree. Some reasons could be due to a browser or app issue. Other reasons could be due to error messages appearing in the Admin.

💡Tip: If you are trying to set up an Email or SMS sign-up link, make sure that you've pasted your Google Sheet URL in the available field for your link to appear on your Linktree.

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Troubleshooting - Browser or App issues

First, try the following solutions to determine if it's a browser or app issue. A browser issue can include a situation where you might see a "Could not get links" message in your Admin or a blank white page.

  • Clear the cache & cookies from your browser and log into your account again.

  • Remove any VPNs or Adblockers you may be using and refresh the page.

  • You might be logging into your account in a different tab, close this tab and refresh your main Admin page.

  • Try a different web browser or use the Linktree App to add your links.

  • Log out and log back into your account.

  • Delete the Linktree app and download it again to trigger a refresh.

  • There may be an outage. Check our status page to see if it's something affecting other Linkers. In this case, we are working to fix this ASAP and you can come back later to add your links.

Enter a valid URL message

  • Check that you don't have a space in the URL field. This includes checking for a space before or after the URL.

  • Make sure there's no characters at the beginning or within the https:// part of your URL.

"Unsafe URL" message

Linktree link marked as unsafe
  • If the Unsafe URL warning appears, it means the content of the link you've entered is likely in violation of our Community Standards. Please check the URL again and make sure the content is appropriate and aligns with our terms.

  • If you believe this is a mistake and that the link should be sharable on Linktree, please get in touch with our team via the Appeals Form and select Unsafe URL in the dropdown under the appeal options.

Unable to click the Add button or toggle is gray

  • If you're unable to click the Add button when you create a new link, make sure that the URL you're trying to enter is complete.

    • Make sure that you don't have a space in between your URL.

  • If you see that your toggle is gray next to your link, it indicates you’re missing some information. This means that until you fix it, the link is inactive and won’t appear on your Linktree.

    • Check that you've add a Title in the field and you're entering a working URL.

    • Be sure to check your spelling to make sure the URL is correct.

Security error from Google

  • If you are getting this error when you click on one of your links, it's likely because you have added an ‘S’ to the HTTP at the start of your link.

  • All websites work with a HTTP:// at the front of the link, but only some websites have an HTTPS:// certificate. You can learn more about this here.

  • To make sure you are adding the correct link, open the website you want to add in a new tab and copy-paste that link directly into your Linktree.

  • If you have tried the above and are still getting an error, please get in touch.

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