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Can I have more than one Linktree?
Can I have more than one Linktree?
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Yes, you can have more than one Linktree. You can even use the same email address for all the Linktree accounts that you create.

However, the best way to manage multiple Linktree Admins is by using our Multiple Admin feature, which is available on our Pro plan. This feature will allow you to log in to a Linktree and easily switch between the accounts that you own.

🔔 Note: If you have a Free account and a Pro account that you want to manage using the Multiple Admin feature, only the Pro account will have the Pro features enabled. Your Free account will not be automatically granted the additional features found on your Pro account because they are linked using this option.

If you prefer to stay on the Free plan, you'll need to log in and out of the accounts to manage the Linktrees.

How to manage multiple Linktree accounts using the Multiple Admin feature

  1. In your Linktree Admin, head to the My Account section.

  2. Scroll down to the Current account section to find Admins.

  3. Hit the + Add an admin option.

  4. Enter the username of the account that you'd like to add, and then hit Add.

    Adding a username in the Linktree admin
  5. The new Admin account will have an Invitation Pending Status. An invite email will be sent to the email address associated with the new Admin account.

  6. In the email, hit Accept Invitation.

  7. Log in to the new Admin account that you added.

    🔔 Note: The account that you added as an Admin will be the account that you manage both accounts from.

  8. When you log into the new Admin account, select your profile picture (on desktop) or hit the three horizontal lines (on phone) to see the accounts you manage under your TREES.

Now you can easily switch between Admin accounts.

Linktree mutiple trees

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