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Why am I not receiving Linktree-related emails?
Why am I not receiving Linktree-related emails?
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If you're having trouble receiving Linktree emails, try the following troubleshooting methods:

  • Make sure you haven't received the email in your Junk, Spam, Social, Promotional, or alternative email folders. If you find the email in these folders, mark them as "not spam" to make sure you receive future emails in your inbox.

  • The verification link we email you'll remain active for 72 hours. If it's expired, hit the Resend Verification Link button and we'll get a fresh link to you.

  • Refresh your email inbox as there can be delays in receiving emails sometimes.

  • Update your contact details, check the spelling of your email, or consider using an alternative email address.

  • Check with your I.T. or email provider if emails are blocked. Depending on how strict your emails are set up, it might be possible that receiving certain emails outside your organization isn't allowed.

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