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Your Guide to Clubhouse: The Social Media App Everyone Is Talking About

Words By Maddy Cox5 mins

Everything you need to know about the the zeitgeist-y app perfect for right now

Clubhouse app

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Every now and then, a new form of social media comes along and offers something different. That’s what Clubhouse has done.

If TikTok is for videos, Instagram is for photos and Twitter is for witty one-liners, Clubhouse is for audio. It’s an audio chat app, where users can ‘drop in’ on talks covering everything from entrepreneurship to dating advice.

The conversations held on the platform are kind of like podcasts, only they are live. They can’t be recorded and you can’t access the chats after they’re done —you either catch them as they happen, or miss them entirely.

It’s a fairly simple concept, but that one feels perfect for right now. That’s why Clubhouse has become the zeitgeist-y new app in 2021.

So, How Does Clubhouse Work?

Right now, Clubhouse is invite-only — so to get in, you’ll need a friend to refer you.

But there are plans to open Clubhouse up for general use later on, so even if you don’t have an invite yet, you can still sign up to claim your username now. If you have an iPhone, that is – the app hasn’t been rolled out on Android yet.

Once you do get in, Clubhouse will prompt you to follow users you might know and the topics that interest you. From there, you’ll be able to go down the Clubhouse rabbit hole and enter different the “rooms” where conversations are held.

The topics of the chats vary wildly — business is a big focus here, so there’s a lot of motivational talks and advice seminars. But there’s also fun stuff like Valentine’s Day mixers and even completely silent rooms for guided meditations. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it.

How much you engage with the conversations is up to you. You can either silently listen to the Clubhouse chat, or raise your digital hand to add your input to the discussion.

The tone of the app is pretty different to what you might me used to on other social media platforms. Because everyone on Clubhouse uses their real name, there’s little trolling or silliness. Conversations are respectful, and lots of people are there to network and learn how to get ahead.

Basically, think of Clubhouse as a mix between old school chat rooms, podcasts and LinkedIn.

Why Clubhouse Is So Popular

A big part of the appeal of Clubhouse is its authenticity.

Just like TikTok did before it, Clubhouse presents an alternative to ‘polished’ forms of social media. That’s in line with current trends in social — in recent years we’ve seen glossy, staged Instagram shots fall out of favor as audiences gravitate towards the real and unfiltered.

Clubhouse is definitely unfiltered. Because while the conversations on the app might be similar to podcasts, they aren’t edited and produced in the way podcasts are. The fact that they’re live means you never know where a chat might swerve to. And because the talks aren’t recorded, those on the digital ‘panels’ can speak more freely than they would on other apps.

The app also feels like what the world needs right now. A year into the pandemic, many of us feel Zoom-ed out. Clubhouse gives users the connection and social interaction that comes with listening to a human voice, without the fatigue that video can bring.

It’s also a way of democratising the medium of audio. With Clubhouse, you don’t need a fancy studio or a podcast network for people to hear what you’ve got to say — anyone can jump in to a chat with their two cents, or stage their own panel.

But it can also be a low-effort form of social media. Just like with podcasts and audiobooks, you can put Clubhouse conversations on in the background while you cook, clean or create. Then, once you’re done, you can silently tap out.

And it can be a great way to engage with experts — the likes Oprah, Elon Musk and Drake have all stopped by for conversations.

Clubhouse profile page

How To Add A Linktree To Your Clubhouse Profile

If you’re a creator or entrepreneur, Clubhouse can be a great way to grow your profile.

You could use Clubhouse to build a community and show off your expertise in a particular area, before pushing users onto your primary platform — or the one you monetize. Plus with the app’s focus on networking and business, it can also be a great way to connect with big names and bright minds.

Right now, Clubhouse only lets users link to Instagram and Twitter on their profile. So to direct your audience to all of your social accounts, simply pop your Linktree in your bio. Your Linktree serves as your digital business card — making it easy to connect all your accounts and tell your story in one link.

The first two lines of your bio are what people see when they search through the app, so you might want to pop your Linktree at the top to make it stand out. Easy as.

Join the Linktree Club

To take part in a variety of conversations about everything from running a small business, monetizing your passion or learning how to get the best from your Linktree – join the Linktree Club.


Words By Maddy Cox

5 mins

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