An NFT image of a girl with pink hair surrounded by social media icons

Three new NFT features to build your Web3 brand and community

Linktree is introducing three new ways for creators to connect their Web2 audience to their Web3 projects.

An NFT image of a girl with pink hair surrounded by social media icons

At Linktree, we’re constantly thinking about new ways to empower creators beyond link in bio – today and in the future. You’ve probably heard of Web3: a new blockchain-based vision of the internet that promises boundless opportunity for creators. While the set of technologies that is collectively called Web3 is still in its beginning stages, there’s one becoming increasingly popular: NFTs.

If you’re a creator, you’ve probably heard about them – or perhaps more accurately, you’ve probably found it hard not to hear about them. Although it’s still a hazy and confusing topic for many, everyone knows at least one thing about this acronym: it’s changing the way people buy, sell, and interact with art online. 

NFTs represent the first step towards solving some of the many issues that creators are up against, like the commodification of digital content and the heavy creator reliance on platforms, as well as network effects that make it hard for new creators to break into the market and monetize their work. NFTs are helping the world move away from centralized platforms to see digital content as an investment – not just a commodity. People are taking notice. 

Alex Zaccaria, co-founder and CEO of Linktree, had this to say: “Web3 and the power of blockchain have granted creators exciting ways to monetize their passions and build their communities. As the creator ecosystem migrates towards this new iteration of the internet, we’re excited for Linktree to provide a home for creators to aggregate their digital assets and showcase what’s important to them.”

We’ve seen that creators and Linktree users have been embracing NFTs, and are ready for more tools that meaningfully serve their needs in this space. That’s why we’re releasing three new NFT-based features that creators can use to build their Web3 brand and community. NFTs and Web3 as a whole can be complicated, so we’ve designed these features with simplicity and ease of use in mind.


Best ways to showcase an NFT collection with an NFT Gallery Link

NFT Gallery link on Linktree profiles

When it comes to NFTs, seeing is believing. They are, first and foremost, a visual medium after all. That’s why we developed the NFT Gallery Link, which you can use to get more eyeballs on NFTs that you own (or those that you’re passionate about). With the NFT Gallery Link, you can create a gallery of up to six NFTs so visitors can see them right on your Linktree. Read more about setting up an NFT Gallery here.


How to build your Web3 brand with NFT Profile Image and Background

NFT Verification pop-up on Linktree

One of the great things about NFTs is that you can use them to develop your online identity using art that you actually own. Our new NFT Profile Image and Background feature lets you stylize your Linktree with your NFTs so you can build a Web3 brand for yourself. 

The best part? We verify them for you! Verified NFT profile images are displayed in a hexagonal frame, and verified NFT backgrounds carry their own badge so your visitors know your NFTs are for real. They can then click on the profile image or badge to learn more about your NFTs. Read more about setting up an NFT Profile Image here and an NFT Background here.


How to give followers access to exclusive content with an NFT Lock

NFT locked link on Linktree

While selling NFTs can be lucrative, the real power of NFTs is their ability to help creators grow followers and foster communities. Many of the most popular NFT projects reward communities of owners with exclusive perks, but those perks can be difficult to distribute — especially if you’re doing it on your own.

Now, with an NFT Lock, you can lock the links on your Linktree using a contract address. This means that only visitors that own an NFT from a specific collection can access your exclusive links. It’s now much easier for you to provide perks to owners of your NFTs – not to mention that using the feature will make owning your NFTs more rewarding and enticing, which can lead to increased sales. Don’t have your own NFT collection? You can use the contact address of any NFT collection and reward the community of owners to start building a name for yourself in Web3. Read more about setting up an NFT Lock here.

Any link on a Linktree can be locked – but we’ve seen our community already get innovative with the NFT Lock. Here are two examples, straight from the Linktree creators who are already using them.

The first? Merch drops. Using Form Links on your Linktree, you can collect the contact information for your NFT owners and do an exclusive merch drop. Since the Form Links are embedded on Linktree and cannot be shared, only owners of your NFTs can get exclusive access. Just create a Form Link, NFT-lock it, let your audience know that the link is up and you’re good to go.

The second is exclusive video content. Using an NFT lock on Video Links means you can embed unlisted Youtube videos and unlisted Vimeo videos that only your NFT owners can unlock (it cannot be shared otherwise).

Here are some more tips for building your Web3 community using the NFT lock.


Partnership with OpenSea

Several of these features were developed in partnership with OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. In particular, as part of the NFT Gallery, we developed a new OpenSea link that lets you display any NFT or NFT collection listed on OpenSea, right on your Linktree. Read more about setting up an OpenSea link here.

“At Linktree, we’re hyper-focused on empowering all creators through partnerships and integrations with the platforms they rely on to grow and monetize,” says Nick Rizzuto, Head of Partnerships & Innovation at Linktree. “Millions of people have chosen Linktree as their digital home to bring together what’s most important to them, and so we wanted to give them a tangible means to display their digital art. OpenSea has been at the forefront of introducing the world to NFTs, and is already widely popular on Linktree– so they were a natural partner to help power this functionality.” 

Ryan Foutty, VP of Business Development at OpenSea adds: “The new Linktree x OpenSea integration allows users to prominently display the work they’ve created or proudly collected, now just one click away on Linktree. We know many NFT creators and collectors already use Linktree to link to their collections on OpenSea, and we’re excited that the Linktree integration makes NFT displays that much more seamless and engaging.”


Helping to build a better world

NFT image of a girl with pink hair standing in front of a pink background

Alongside our efforts to empower creators, we’re committed to helping build a future that is equitable, sustainable, and inclusive for all. To that end, we’ve purchased WoW #6119 from the World of Women Galaxy collection. This collection represents the World of Women collective’s work towards building an inclusive web3 community. 

Recent research from ArtTactic indicates that Web3 is not inclusive, with women making only 5% of NFT sales between January 2020 and September 2021. World of Women wants to empower women and change that statistic moving forward.

Of course, there’s no hope for a more equitable and inclusive world if there’s no world at all. As our product continues to grow to empower more creators around the world, we’re committed to maintaining our climate-positive status with each step forward and offsetting more carbon from the environment than we produce. Read more about our climate-positive status and the green projects we’re supporting here.

With these new features in hand, you’ll have an easier time sharing your NFTs and building a Web3 brand and community for yourself.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with them.


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