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The best ways to grow your game streaming viewership with Linktree

If you’re a gamer, streaming your playthroughs or watch-alongs can be an exciting and rewarding hobby, connecting you with friends, fellow fans, and new followers. With the right social strategy, centralised and powered by Linktree, it can also be lucrative.

According to Statista, there are around eight million active streamers on Twitch alone. Standing out is important, especially if you want to make money from your passion. Only a select few players make a full-time income from Twitch and YouTube, but there’s every opportunity for you to make extra revenue in your spare time – and grow this with experience.

All you need is a simple and focused approach – one that gives both you and your viewers a clear view of who you are, what you do, and how you entertain. 

Here, we’ll break down which channels may work to your strengths, how you can get the most out of them with Linktree, and a few tips on how to stand out from the crowd and attract more viewers. With it, you can remove potential stress or confusion when coordinating, refining, and improving on what you love to do.

What should you add to your Linktree? 

Different social media platforms appeal to different audiences, and Linktree is a great tool  to connect each person with those they use, or just prefer.

Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, but you should only ever publish content on social media you’re comfortable using and maintaining regularly. Whatever you choose, ensure your Linktree profile is your source of truth this way, visitors will always have access to your accounts.

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Twitch should be the first and most prioritized social channel on your Linktree. As the most crucial social account to have as a streamer, Twitch is incredibly easy to use and scalable, without any pressure placed on creators like you. In time, and with a greater commitment to hours of streaming on a monthly basis, you can become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, unlocking more tools for you to use to drive subscriptions and monetize your streaming content.


YouTube is used by many gamers as their preferred means of streaming, but its payment model can be much more confusing and inconsistent. However, it’s the perfect place to share your highlight reels and favorite clips, and build more casual subscribers from the world’s most popular video-hosting website. It’s also great to pitch to commenters about what they want to see from you.


A Facebook account for your streaming profile requires a lot of time and effort to maintain, moderate, and populate, but the payoffs are much greater than every other social media provider for interactions, clickthrough rates, and user engagement.

With other tools, you can dual-stream between Twitch and Facebook, but simply using it as a wayto share links, polls, and general discussions is a great way to encourage your followers to talk to one another.


Twitter is arguably the best social platform to develop your own voice, have both throwaway and deep conversations about your games, and keep up to date with industry news and trends. However, it lacks the clickthrough rate of Facebook; you should consider this the best place to be both personal and personable.

The pinned post functionality is a great way to encourage profile visitors to visit your other channels, too – combine a personalized video speaking to your followers with another link to your Linktree account.


If you’re good with photography, graphic design, or even just clever with video and screen captures, you can connect with a growing gaming audience on Instagram. Consider posting weekly streaming timetables, short clips from your Twitch or YouTube runs, and photos of upcoming games, your set-up, or even the odd behind-the-scenes photo of you having fun. Don’t forget those all-important hashtags.

Now you’ve got your core accounts, it’s time to make the most of them with Linktree – and it couldn’t be easier. Let us take you on a simple guide through three things that will give you a real edge.

How Linktree can boost your streaming socials – and income

Linktree maximizes your social impact by grouping everything in one place, but its suite of streamer-oriented features can optimize your channels to an even greater degree.


Grab the attention of your Linktree visitors right away with a Spotlight. This lets you have a link – video, audio, or even a contact form – that automatically expands when someone arrives on your Linktree, giving them an immediate idea of who you are and what you’re all about.

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Commerce Links

Why bother with secondary payment services when you can integrate tips and donations into the one place everyone will land? Linktree’s Support Links take minutes to set up, and your supporters can pay what they like – consider it an easy-to-use tip jar for more passive stream viewers to donate to. 

Link embeds

Show off your greatest moments, personality, and drive even more views with link embeds. These are the perfect way for you to show off your work on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and even TikTok and Vimeo. Linktree doesn’t punish you for having video embeds; all views still contribute to your total, wherever your video is hosted.

Whatever you choose to start your own personal game streaming empire – and however you decide it’s best to combine these with your Linktree account – remember that you should never feel pressured to do too much streaming. Always work around your own calendar. 

It only takes a brief check of Linktree – and the occasional, quick update to your profile and your listed channels – to keep your passion for streaming going, always reaching new audiences and, with it, making a well-deserved income, however big or small.


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