Wiz Khalifa and his Linktree page with Music Links bridging the gap between music and tech

Introducing Music Links: Linktree’s enhanced music sharing experience

Welcome fans and friends from around the world to your music, all with one link.

Wiz Khalifa and his Linktree page with Music Links bridging the gap between music and tech

Photo by Miko Lim

Producers and artists love using Linktree to promote their music. Whether it’s showcasing tour dates with unlimited links or selling tickets and merch directly to fans using Commerce Links and Spring, Linktree is the ultimate monetization tool for musicians. But, as most artists know, it’s not only about the money. Sharing new releases with fans and forging connections with their audience is what drives a lot of a musician’s passion.

With music streaming on every corner of the internet, fans may find it difficult to discover songs by their favorite artists without a direct link. And, with so many streaming services available, artists don’t always know which link to choose. Well, we’ve provided the solution for both music lovers and musicians: Music Links.

This new Linktree feature connects fans with musicians by giving them a place to see everywhere the artist’s music is streaming, and even play a preview. Using content-matching technology, Music Links automatically detect the same song or album across streaming services and show visitors where they can listen to it.

This also empowers fans to share the music they’re loving, right on their Linktree. Have a favorite song of the week that you want the world to hear? Share it! Music Links are created for everyone to share the music they love, all with one link.

Touring, merchandise, and now streaming? That’s right: Linktree is officially a one-stop-shop for musicians!

Music Links also increase access to music for fans around the world, broadening an artist’s reach by letting them share music on whichever platform their fans prefer. The growth opportunities are boundless, for new and established musicians alike: Ashnikko, BENEE, Luke Combs, Wiz Khalifa, and Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer are among the first major artists using Music Links to share content and connect with fans.

As a Linktree user and music lover, you are going to hear “Music Links” a lot, so let’s get familiar with the product.

How Music Links work

Instead of linking to only one platform hosting your music, a Music Link displays multiple streaming options, which allows fans to listen on their preferred service based on the country they’re in. So, if one of your fans doesn’t use Apple Music, they can jump on Spotify. If they don’t have a Tidal subscription, they can listen on Amazon Music. It’s so easy to activate and saves you a lot of time. Plus your fans will love how convenient it is for them to listen to your music and share it themselves.

Music Links are compatible with all of these top streaming services: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music, TIDAL, Pandora, Deezer, SoundCloud, Napster, Yandex Music, Spinrilla, Audius, Amazon Music, and the Amazon Store. The streaming services shown to your visitors are based on which platform your music is available on and what country they are in. You can also set the list in a specific order, if you know which platforms are most popular with listeners.

There are several ways to utilize the Music Link feature to share music.

Link to music streaming on different platforms

Using a song or album link from any of the platforms listed above will give your fans access to your music. You have a variety of ways to customize the appearance of a Music Link on your Linktree.

To get started, copy the song or album link from the streaming platform of your choice. Then go to your Links page in Linktree, click the lightning bolt icon on menu and add a new link. Write a title for how you want your Music Link to appear and paste the URL. Linktree will auto-detect that link, and give you two options for how you can display the audio content on your page.

Show links to all available streaming services – This creates a dropdown menu with all the platform options for streaming your music.

Take visitors directly to the URL you entered above – Visitors will be directed to your music on whatever streaming service you copied the link from.

Music Artist Lolife Linktree with Music Link for Inner Visions

Alternative pop artist Lolife uses a Music Link for his song, Inner Visions.

If the link you copied is from Spotify, your options for customizing the appearance of your Music Link will look slightly different to incorporate album art.

Show links to all available streaming services and a Spotify audio preview – This will show the cover art for a single song or album and a 30-second Spotify audio preview for visitors to listen to. Your visitors will also be able to see all the streaming services available for this music. You can see an example of this below on Wiz Khalifa’s Linktree.

Wiz Khalifa Linktree with Girl Next Door Music Link

Rap star Wiz Khalifa uses Music Links for his songs Girl Next Door and Activated.

Show links to all available streaming services – This shows the song or album art, plus a list of streaming services where the song or album is available.

Show a Spotify audio preview – This shows the song or album art with a 30-second audio preview. Visitors will be able to open the music up in Spotify only—no other streaming services will be listed.

Take visitors directly to the URL you entered above – This routes the visitor directly to the Spotify page where your link came from.

Ashnikko Linktree with Music Links for Demidevil

Ashnikko uses a Music Link for her mixtape album, Demidevil.

Interactions with Spotify-embedded links will count as one stream for the artist. While that’s certainly a bonus, not everyone is on Spotify, which is why Music Links support so many other streaming platforms as well.

Measure fan engagement

Linktree Analytics give you deeper insight into how these streaming links are performing by showing you the click-through rate for your top five streaming services, as well as the total number of clicks for each link. Any streaming service that gets clicked on from your Music Link will register analytics.

This data is useful for pivoting your marketing strategy, such as by rewriting link copy, changing the order of your links, or adding a thumbnail image to accompany your Music Link.

While both free and PRO users have access to Linktree’s general analytics, streaming service data is only available to PRO users. If you’re not on PRO, this is just one of many reasons to upgrade your account now.

Linktree Analytics also lets you access audience data so you can see where fans are located, what device they’re using, and where they were referred from (such as TikTok or Instagram). All these insights give you the ammunition to better understand and grow your audience.

Linktree page with analytics for music links open

Analytics for a Linktree user’s Music Link

Music is our passion

We have a very talented Linktree team to thank for Music Links, but this new product offering was really made possible after Linktree’s recent acquisition of Songlink/Odesli, an automated music link aggregation platform. Songlink/Odesli founder Kurt Weiberth believes this partnership will establish new ways for artists to connect with fans and broaden their audience.

“I’m excited to bring our technology into Linktree as they open the door even wider for creators and members of the music community,” says Kurt.

For Linktree founders Alex and Anthony Zaccaria, this product has been a long time in the making. The Australian-based Zaccaria family has worked in the music industry for three generations; Co-founder and CEO Alex started his entrepreneurship by running nightclubs and both Alex and Anthony managed bands before founding Bolster, the entertainment agency which Linktree was born out of.

Linktree was originally a side hustle, a tool designed for artists, bands, record labels, and other Bolster clients to use. It empowered artists by giving them more control of their music and further connected them to their fans. Linktree was built with musicians in mind from day one.

"Linktree was built with musicians in mind from day one."

“Before co-founding Linktree together, my brother Anthony and I spent a lot of time helping artists grow their audiences and establish their digital presence,” says Alex Zaccaria, co-founder and CEO of Linktree.

“Our acquisition of Songlink/Odesli and the launch of Music Links solves these challenges that so many in the music industry face by allowing them to seamlessly promote music and reach a global fanbase through an enhanced streaming experience. Linktree continues to be a platform that is committed to expanding, refining, and establishing new ways for artists to connect with fans and broaden their audiences.”

Music Links is not the first Linktree feature empowering creators with tools to share content, build a community, and monetize their passion. And it won’t be the last. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to enable Music Links on your Linktree.


Words By Melissa Katz

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