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Passion Fund FAQs

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Everything you need to know about the Passion Fund grant program, presented to you by Linktree and Square. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Passion Fund?

To celebrate the release of Commerce Links, Linktree is launching the Passion Fund which is a grant program designed to give creators, business owners, activists, or anyone with a big dream, a cash boost to help them turn their passion into a living.

The total fund is $250,000 USD and winners will be awarded a share of this based on the below tiers:

  • Gold: 9 x $20,000 USD
  • Silver: 10 x $4,000 USD
  • Bronze 10 x $1,000 USD

In addition, there’ll be a People’s Choice Award Winner (1 x $20,000 USD) selected by the public. The People’s Choice finalists will be shortlisted by the Linktree team and voted for by the public.

What is the Passion Fund aiming to achieve?

The Passion Fund is here to celebrate and support those with the courage and devotion to turn their passion into a living. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re working on your passion full time, the Passion Fund can give you the cash boost you need to take your idea or operation to the next level. 

Why has Linktree started the Passion Fund?

Linktree recognized the incredible force of the passion economy and has created a fund for creators to receive a cash boost to further their dream. In addition, Linktree recently launched Commerce Links which are helping 14m creators to monetize their passion and turn their dreams into a reality.

There is a total of $250,000 USD in grant money up for grabs for budding creators, entrepreneurs and activists. All you have to do is tell us a bit about your dream and how you’re turning it into your livelihood. 

Unlike other creator grant programs, the Passion Fund allows creators to spend the winnings on building their idea or business the way that they see fit. At Linktree, we’re here to support you in your endeavors—all we ask is that you keep in touch along the way! 

How do you define ‘the passion economy’?

In the words of founder and creator pioneer, Li Jin – ‘the passion economy is the future of work.’

The Passion Economy is about new ways of working and living that allows individuals to monetize their skills, their passions and their lifestyle.

How does the Passion Fund work?

The Passion Fund is here to celebrate and support those willing to turn their passion into a living.

To apply for the Passion Fund, you need to be over 18 years old, a Linktree user and reside in a country eligible to enter the Passion Fund. If you’re not a Linktree user, you can sign up today – it’s free and can be done in just a few minutes. 

If you meet the eligibility requirements you can submit your application here. 

The deadline for submissions is 7 July 2021 at 11.59pm AEST and judging will take place from 8 July 2021 to 3 August 2021 at 11:59pm AEST.

The Passion Fund has four award categories which include Gold, Silver, Bronze and People’s Choice that will be awarded:

  • Gold: 9 x $20,000 USD 
  • Silver: 10 x $4,000 USD
  • Bronze 10 x $1,000 USD
  • People’s Choice 1 x $20,000 USD

Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of leaders in the creative and entrepreneurial space. Each of them chosen for their unique story and experience turning their passion into a thriving business. They include Linktree co-founder Alex Zaccaria, TV personality, author and activist Karamo, entrepreneur and CEO Grace Beverley, Passion Economy thought-leader & VC founder, Li Jin and Square Global CMO Lauren Weinberg.

In addition, there’ll be a People’s Choice Award where the public gets the opportunity to vote on their favorite submission from a shortlist.

The People’s Choice Award voting will be open from 21 July 2021 at 12am AEST to 3 August 2021 11:59pm AEST.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to turn your dreams into a reality with the Passion Fund. Get your application in before 7 July 2021 at 11.59pm AEST.

Winners will be announced on the Linktree website, social media channels and media outlets on, or before, 10 August 2021.

What are the key dates I need to be aware of?

Important dates to note are that submissions will open 27 May 2021 at 12am AEST, submissions close 7 July 2021 at 11:59pm AEST, judging will take place and winners will be announced on, or before, 10 August 2021 onwards.

The People’s Choice Award voting will be open from 21 July 2021 at 12am AEST to 3 August 2021 at 11:59pm AEST.

What are the terms and conditions of the Passion Fund?

Please see here for the full Passion Fund terms and conditions. 

The Application Process

Who can apply?

Anyone globally can apply so long as you meet our eligibility requirements, which are just 1) Be a Linktree user; and 2) Over 18 years of age at the time of submission 3) Reside in a country eligible to enter the Passion Fund. Please head to Submittable to check if the country you reside in is eligible to enter the Passion Fund.

Linktree is committed to inclusion, equity and creating a platform for underrepresented or marginalized groups to have their ideas heard and voices raised. With this in mind, we’ve designed the program to remove as much bias and inequality as possible giving all applicants a fair chance.

Can I submit an application in another language?

All submissions must be submitted in English.

Can I apply more than once?

Each person or entity is only allowed one entry as per our terms and conditions.

I’m currently 17 years old, but turning 18 during the judging period, am I eligible to apply?

So long as you’re 18 years of age at the time of completing your submission, you will be eligible to apply. Please note if you turn 18 years of age during the judging period (27 May 2021 at 12am AEST – July 7 2021 at 11:59pm AEST) you are not eligible to apply.

If I leave the application and come back to it, will my progress be saved?

Absolutely, your application will be saved, you will just need to remember to complete and submit your application by our closing date 7 July 2021 at 11.59pm AEST.

Can I edit the application once it’s been submitted?

Once your application has been submitted it’s final and can’t be edited.

How will I know that my application has been received?

Once your application has been submitted you will receive an email notification confirming that we’ve received it.

Am I able to add supporting documents and videos to my application?

Absolutely! Every application has a written component, a 60 second video or audio upload and there is also an opportunity for you to upload up to three supporting documents – this could be a growth plan, initial ideas, or anything that provides more information. If you don’t have any supporting documents, that’s okay – you won’t be disadvantaged. It’s just a way for us to get some more context on your business.

If I’ve missed the deadline for submission, what can I do?

To ensure a fair process for everyone, we can’t accept submissions after 7 July 2021 at 11.59pm AEST.

Can I withdraw my application?

You can withdraw your application, all you have to do is login to your Submittable account to view your application and there will be an option to withdraw, you will need to confirm your withdrawal.

Who will see my application information?

Our judging panel will be reviewing your application. Anything included in your application may be used for the purposes of judging, so you must ensure that you are comfortable that the information you provide (aside from personal information as per our terms and conditions) may be publicly available for the purpose of selecting fund winners and the People’s Choice Award.

Your submission will be stored securely and only visible to the team reviewing applications. For more information, check out the Passion Fund terms and conditions.  

If you’re shortlisted for the People’s Choice category, we’ll share a limited view of your submission including your first or business name, your Linktree page, an overview of your passion project and your video. We’ll also contact you prior to the website being published to let you know. 

Am I able to apply for the Passion Fund next year if I applied this year?

Absolutely, if you applied in 2021 and weren’t successful, you’re very welcome to apply for future Passion Funds.

How long should I spend on my application?

That’s totally up to you! We anticipate applications will take around 1-2 hours, just remember that reviewers will take into consideration how your submission addresses the 5 Passion Fund key values.

The Selection Process

When will we be notified if we are successful or unsuccessful?

All applicants will be notified on, or before, 10 August 2021 if they are successful or unsuccessful.

Who is on the selection committee?

They include Alex Zaccaria, Karamo, Grace Beverley, Li Jin  and Lauren Weinberg. Check out the Passion Fund website to learn more about the judging panel.

How will the selections be judged?

The judging panel will score submissions based on how the passion project or idea incorporates the following values:

  • Creativity: How have you used imagination and originality to bring your passion to life?
  • Innovation: Change. Transformation. Energy. In your application, we would love to know more about how innovation is a thread throughout your passion and future goals.
  • Personality: With big passion comes personality and even bigger ideas. We want to see how you’ve stayed true to yourself and your vision throughout the journey, and what plans you have in store for your game-changing ideas, and where you’re wanting to take your passion. 
  • Clear vision: A clear vision ensures a sense of purpose and direction for the short and long term. Tell us about the vision you have for your passion and the direction you want to take it in.
  • Adaptability: How are you anticipating big changes in the environment you’re operating in? The way we live and work is always evolving, and challenges are par for the course for anyone pursuing their passion. We’d love to know more about how your passion will go from strength-to-strength and how you’ve developed a sustainable way to monetize it, as well as what obstacles you’ve faced and persevered through.

How many winners will there be and how much will they receive?

The Passion Fund has four award categories which include Gold, Silver, Bronze and People’s Choice that will be awarded:

  • Gold: 9 x $20,000 USD
  • Silver: 10 x $4,000 USD
  • Bronze 10 x $1,000 USD
  • People’s Choice 1 x $20,000 USD

The People’s Choice category will be selected by the highest number of votes from the public.

If I’m the recipient, how will I receive the fund and how will it impact my taxes?

Passion Fund winners will receive a series of cash installments paid within a 12 month period. Payment will be made directly to the bank account provided by each of the eligible winners. The bank account must be associated with the proof of identity supplied or registered business of the winner. If your bank account is connected to your business, Linktree may ask you to provide proof before releasing the funds.

The Passion Fund accepts no responsibility for any tax implications and applicants must seek their own independent financial advice.

What do the fund winners need to do after they receive the grant?

After the winners receive their funds, we want to stay in touch and hear about how your passion is tracking. We’re offering a workshop with our team, media opportunities and a community for you to stay connected with the team and other winners.

The Linktree team may also be in touch to tell more of your story through content, we will be in touch via email if so.

How long do we have to use the grant?

Winning applicants are able to use their grant in any way they choose, as per their own goals and plans.

If I am successful, what are the other benefits, other than the grant?

Along with the prize money, The Passion Fund winners will get:

  • Free Linktree PRO
  • A workshop with the Linktree team to boost their online presence
  • No Linktree transaction fees on Commerce Links
  • Access to a winners Community to share your journey and learn from other like-minded hustlers following their passion   

 Linktree may award supplementary prizes for runner up applicants at its discretion.


Words By Melissa Katz

11 mins

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