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Simple Digital Marketing Tips for Non-Profits

Just as every industry fine tunes its digital smarts, the non-profit sector is having to up its marketing skills to reach audiences bombarded with content. We chatted to non-profit marketing expert Jeanette Knutti about the best ways forward for non-profits in the Linktree community.

Key Takeaways:
  • The ROI on social media might not be obvious, but it’s necessary.
  • Test fundraising ideas with Instagram’s Donate button in Stories.
  • Pursue engagement. Non-profit supporters – engage with your charities’ posts!
  • Search Instagram for hashtags relevant to areas or events and tap into these.
  • Good story-telling is the pathway to raising funds.
non-profit marketing

Here’s Jeanette!

When we discovered Jeanette within our own community, we leapt at the chance to pick her brains on marketing charities. Not only is Jeanette CEO at Moxie Marketing Agency, which works with non-profits like Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity – but she also started the Digital Marketing Academy for Nonprofits. The Academy runs courses and has excellent content for helping non-profts with their awareness online, covering topics like Google Ad Grants.

Jeanette, we bow to you for all things non-profit! Take it away…

There is so much online noise nowadays – what are some of the challenges facing non-profits in marketing today?

“Non-profits are struggling to get new followers, to get their posts seen, to get engagement on their posts and to get donations on social media. In a lot of ways, non-profits struggle with the same challenges as most businesses. Oftentimes non-profits don’t see an ROI from their social media efforts so they scale back which causes their reach and engagement to decline even more.”

We have some amazing grassroots projects happening within the Linktree community. What are some starter strategies for beginner fundraisers?

“What a great community! If the activists have a Facebook profile, we recommend that they start a Facebook Fundraiser for a non-profit/charity that they are passionate about. One of the easiest ways to test the fundraising waters is to use the Instagram donation sticker via Instagram stories — it only takes a few minutes and Instagram stories are only visible for 24 hours.

“The best strategy to actually raise funds on any social media platform is through story-telling! Whether it’s storytelling through a text caption, a video or an Instagram story, you will get results when people feel connected to the story behind why you are raising funds.”

Whether it's through a text caption, a video or an Instagram story, you will get results when people feel connected to the story behind why you are raising funds."

How can non-profits’ audiences best support their charity online? What really shifts the needle in community engagement?

“We have two recommendations: 1) Supporters can share their story about why they are involved with the charity and tag the charity. This is content that a non-profit can easily share to inspire their other social media followers; and, 2) Engage with the social media posts from the non-profit. The more you like, comment, share and interact with the charity’s social media posts, the more the algorithms will show you, and others, their content.”

non-profit marketing

Blurt’s Instagram feed compiles artists’ work exploring depression. This one is by @oh_sograceful.

What are some of your fave non-profit social profiles or campaigns?

“We love what Blurt is doing on social media. They are creating amazing content to help increase awareness and understanding of depression in a very “consumable way” on social media. If you take a look at their social profiles, you’ll see what we mean!

We are big fans of the #fillyourbucketchallenge which was started to clean up beaches, but it didn’t get much traction. There are so many great social media profiles and campaigns — the best way to find one is to start searching hashtags on Instagram. For example, if you love animals and live in Dallas, you could search #DallasAnimalShelter and#DallasNonprofit to find a non-profit to support.”

non-profit marketing

The #fillyourbucketchallenge never picked up – why? Picture by @peterbelden.

What are the most impactful ways that a brand can partner with a non-profit?

“Find a non-profit that aligns with your brand’s values because when you do this then your staff and your clients or customers will also be passionate about getting involved and making a difference. Once you find the right non-profit, the most meaningful ways to partner are to engage your staff with the non-profit through volunteer opportunities and/or giving campaigns.

“This will not only give the non-profit much needed support to change the lives of individuals and family members in the community, but it will also increase your company’s employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.”

Big thanks to Jeanette for sharing! Head over to the Digital Marketing Academy for Nonprofits’ blog for more inspiration. And don’t forget – non-profits can get Linktree PRO for free. Just drop us a line!


Words By Katie Smith

4 mins

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