Novidades de Outubro para o Linktree

October Release Notes: New tools to unlock your Linktree’s full potential

New product drop! We’re rolling out a series of features and updates to help you curate, customize, monetize, and measure your Linktree.

Novidades de Outubro para o Linktree

At Linktree, our focus has always been on servicing artists, creators, entrepreneurs, and trendsetters, providing ample tools for their monetization and growth.

We’re always listening, learning, and improving. We have a Slack channel devoted to sharing new feature ideas so that everyone at the company can contribute to our ever-evolving product. Behind the scenes, our entire staff—from engineers to designers, analysts to marketers—collaborate to build a platform that empowers our users.

Today we are announcing some big changes to Linktree that everyone is really excited about. This month, we’ve decided to roll out a smorgasbord of features all at once, giving Linktree users the opportunity to make their content even more unique and exclusive.

For PRO users, this means more personalized designs, exclusive link access, subscriber growth tracking, and advanced analytics. For free users, you’ll get fresh new themes, Form Links, restricted link access, and Pinterest board integration.

With Linktree, you can do so much more than link out. Here’s an overview of what these new updates will do for you.

Drive engagement

Form Links (Free and PRO)

With Form Links, we’re making it easy for all users to receive messages and collect details about their Linktree visitors. This new link type allows visitors to provide their name, email, phone number, location, and/or a message via a form right on your Linktree. The message goes straight to your inbox so you can follow up and engage with your audience directly. Like email and SMS opt-in form links, you can use your visitor’s information to create content, grow your newsletter, sell services, or simply get in touch.

Form Links do Linktree em um GIF animado

Music Links (FREE and PRO)

If you haven’t already heard, Linktree has acquired Songlink/Odesli to create an enhanced music sharing experience for artists and fans alike. With Music Links, Linktree visitors can see anywhere an artist’s music is streaming, and even play a preview. Instead of linking to only one platform hosting your music, a Music Link displays multiple streaming options, so fans can listen on their preferred service based on the country they’re in.

If you’re sharing from Spotify, the link will even display the cover art and 30-second audio preview plus count as one stream for the artist. You can also post playlists you’ve made or are listening to on your Linktree, and become a DJ in your own right.

Pinterest Display (FREE and PRO)

Nearly 460 million people use Pinterest around the world and it’s the fourth largest social media site in the US. So naturally we’re going to have a special integration for all our users. With our new Pinterest preview tool, you can now showcase your favorite boards and pins directly on your Linktree. Simply enter the URL on your admin page, and visitors will be able to see the promoted Pin or board of your choice.

Pin do Pinterest em destaque no Linktree

Collect payments

PayPal (FREE and PRO)

We rolled out Commerce Links a few months ago to help creators and brands make money directly on our platform. This payment collection links fall into two categories, or methods to monetize: Support Me Links, which allow users to collect payments and donations from visitors right on their Linktree, and Request Links which allow visitors to request goods and services from your Linktree.

So what’s new here? We’ve recently added PayPal as a payment partner, so you have more than one payment option for monetizing content, selling goods, and collecting tips. Square, who we partnered with when rolling out this feature, is another payment option.

Make your links restricted and exclusive

The lock symbol in your link settings allows you to access different options to gate that specific link. These options now include a Sensitive Content label, Age Gate, and a Code Gate.

Restricted access (FREE and PRO)

If you’re linking to sensitive content, you can have visitors enter their date of birth (Age Gate) or click to accept a link before they’re allowed to view it. This form of link gating can control who sees your content, particularly if it’s intended for an older audience.

Exclusive access (PRO)

Grant special access to your links by requiring a secret code. Share this code with people to give them exclusive access to your Linktree content. Check out the example below. Cool, right?

Acesso a links exclusivos no Linktree

Get audience insights

With our free plan, users can see the total number of lifetime clicks and views on their Linktree to understand what their visitors are engaging with. With PRO, you get an extra layer of insights as you’re able to see views, clicks, click-through rate, and time to click over a 7-day, 90-day, or lifetime period. This extended version can help you pinpoint user behavior and link performance to really hone your content strategy accordingly. But you knew that already. So what’s different?

Advanced Analytics (PRO)

With our new and improved PRO extended analytics, you can learn even more about your visitors, right down to where they are in the world. This upgrade lets PRO users view up to 90 days of advanced analytics for their Linktree, including activity, top locations, top referrers, device analytics, and social icon analytics.

Track Email & SMS Growth (PRO)

For PRO subscribers that collect email and SMS information on their Linktrees using our mailing list integrations, you can now track the number of email and SMS signups you get and view them by day, week, or month on the Linktree Analytics page.

Download (PRO)

PRO users can now export all Linktree performance data to a CSV file.

Analytics avançado do Linktree

Customize your Linktree

New fonts and colors (PRO)

PRO users now have 21 new font options to choose from and the ability to change the color on both fonts and buttons. Whether you want to get super creative with your Linktree or tailor it to match your brand aesthetic, you now have the tools to make it happen right on your Appearance page. Click here to get started here.

New themes (FREE and PRO)

We have nine new eye-catching themes to level up your Linktree design. The Mineral series templates are toned-down yet textured and bright—available in blue, green, orange, and yellow. Then there’s the cool, modern Air themes: Air White, Air Gray, and Air Black, which are minimalist and thus always clean (but never boring). And lastly the Lake series, which utilizes your profile picture in a faded background, almost like it’s superimposed behind your Linktree. That last one’s hard to explain so head to the themes section of your Appearance page to see for yourself!

Social media profiles (FREE and PRO)

According to our data, the higher the link, the better the click-through rate. If you want to drive more traffic to your social media profiles, you can move social media icons to the top of your Linktree. Prior to this update, they were always at the bottom, but now the choice is yours!

Novos temas do Linktree a partir de Outubro 2021

Temas minimalistas e cool pros usuários do Linktree

If you want to test some of these tools but don’t have access, consider upping your account to PRO—starting with a free trial

We’re excited about these features and believe they give Linktree a satisfying upgrade that stays true to our values of simplicity and inclusion. And we will continue listening to your feedback, and each other, to keep building a product that helps creators and businesses accomplish their goals. 

This won’t be the last you’ll hear from us this year, either. Stay tuned for some impressive integrations and product iterations in the upcoming weeks! And check out the Linktree blog for more tips to make the most of your account. 


Words By Melissa Katz

7 mins

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