4 Linktree Profiles To Follow for Mindfulness

Words By Katie Smith3 mins

This month, we’re giving mindfulness our best shot. If it helps us appreciate the little things in life and raises our sense of wellbeing, we’re game.

But mindfulness shouldn’t just be a one-month fling. These are the accounts you should follow to keep you practicing a little mindfulness beyond May.

We’ve teamed up with the good people over at Smiling Mind who’ve shown us why switching off from time to time is good. The Linktree team is also using the Smiling Mind app to practice mindfulness in our workplace, including taking “10 @ 10” (ten minutes at 10am to meditate together) a couple of times a week.

But we need to form habits that stick. Surrounding ourselves with positive things reminds us to be mindful and practice gratitude – and that means on Instagram too. Here’s how some of the best mindful accounts out there are using Linktree.

Why not go unfollow a couple of accounts that don’t make you feel good, and pick these ones up instead?

Goal Cast

Goal Cast shares inspirational stories every darn day, whether its tips from super successful people, or humbling tales that put it all into perspective. Its Linktree is great because:

  • Uses a slick, monochromatic color scheme that stands out.
  • Just six links – enough for the visitor to discover more, but without overwhelm.
  • Social icons help the visitor discover the community on other platforms.
  • Links are very clearly labelled.

Sea Legacy

Sea Legacy is a huge community, passionate about protecting the oceans and all who live in them. It’s a great account to follow to put things into perspective. Its Linktree looks great because:

  • It uses a custom image upload as a background. PRO users can find similar imagery using our Unsplash integration.
  • The solid white buttons make the link text stand out against the busier background.
  • There is a succinct number of links.
  • Social icons include hyperlink to email for easy contact.

The Good Quote

This one does what it says on the tin – quotes which create awareness around mental health, self-development, and self-care. Let’s face it, we could all do with a little more of that, which is why these guys have more than 16 million followers! Their Linktree is great because:

  • The simple grayscale color palette fits in well with the literary look of the Instagram account.
  • The copy in each of the links is short, snappy and consistent.
  • Social icons are employed spanning the range of Facebook, YouTube, email and even LinkedIn.

Osher Günsberg

Osher is a much-loved Australian TV presenter and podcaster. But he’s also been on one heck of a personal journey and is the author of a bestselling book on living with mental illness. His Linktree is a great place for discovering his work.

  • It’s eye-catchingly bright and sunny, which if you’ve seen Osher’s shirts, you know is on-brand…
  • Thumbnail imagery on most links quickly communicate where vital info is.
  • Osher is all about community-building, and nice touches like a Spotify coffee playlist are there for his regulars.

While you’ve got peace and tranquility on the mind, why not check out our new (free!) theme by landscape photographer Paul Zizka. It’s in Linktree admin now, log in!

Want to see other fab Linktree profiles? You can check out some of our best music Linkers here, or some of our all time faves right here.


Words By Katie Smith

3 mins

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