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Marketing Manager Lauren Kruse Digs Deep into the Creator Community

Los Angeles-based Lauren Kruse is a certified yoga instructor and integral part of our Brand Marketing team.

When Lauren joined Linktree last year, she was looking to dig deep into the creator community and better understand the realities that creators face – and she did just that when she led our recently released Creator Report. This was a first for Linktree and the creator economy overall, so it was an exciting initiative to be part of; it also allowed Lauren to flex her cross-functional muscle while collaborating with multiple teams. 

Lauren shares a few of her favorite collaboration tools, as well as why she turns to yoga when she’s looking for some grounding. 


When did you start working at Linktree?  

I started working at Linktree mid-November 2021, so I’ve been here a bit over 5 months!

Can you tell us about your role as Marketing Manager? What types of projects do you work on?

I’m a marketing manager on our Integrated Brand Marketing team, and we’re responsible for driving initiatives that help build the Linktree brand and our customers’ love and trust for it. Many of the projects that I work on are multi-channel campaigns that we message on Linktree’s owned and paid channels. The role is very cross-functional, which I love, because I get to collab with a ton of other teams and partners in order to put out strong, exciting work for the creator community at large! 

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on so far?

We just launched our first-ever Creator Report which was such an amazing initiative to be a part of. One of the reasons I joined Linktree was to further understand the creator economy and all of the creators that are a part of it, so I really got to dive in deeper with this project. Creators vary across experience levels, content & focus areas, and how they structure their businesses, and this research helped us uncover a bit more about the current realities creators face.

Is there anything that surprised you after you joined?

Linktree is truly a global, remote-friendly workplace! Coming from US-based companies that transitioned to remote work during the pandemic, I was pleasantly surprised and happy with how Linktree thinks through collaboration with team members around the globe. Lots of new tools like Loom, specific guidelines on ways to use Slack – and an internal understanding of different time zones etc., has opened up new ways of collaborating async or outside of meeting times.

The Marketing team is one of our most global teams. Do you have any tips for working across time zones?

Yes! On the planning side, it’s important to capture upfront which markets will be a part of campaigns so that you can begin to localize and think through what type of messaging, etc. would resonate in each market. With global launches, we’ve also started to think through how to have team representation across time zones so that we can tackle any items that may come up while other teams are asleep – questions from partners, addressing any changes, etc. Teamwork makes the dream work!

In addition to your role at Linktree, you also teach yoga. How did you get into the yoga world? Where can we sign up for a class?

Ah, I love yoga. I began teaching in 2018 after getting certified at Red Diamond Yoga, where I also taught, in Los Angeles. I decided to get certified after years of being a student of yoga and then wanting to deepen my practice to share it with others. I really connected with yoga’s approach of connecting with your mind and body, and I’ve found it to be a practice I turn to in my life for grounding and stress management.  I’m currently taking a break from teaching yoga – I’m pregnant, and I am focusing my time on taking care of our future bébé!

Do you have any yoga-focused Linktrees you’d recommend? 

These are a few LA-based teachers who I love because they both bring a truly holistic approach to their practice. It’s not just about hitting the wildest, most tricked-out poses, but they encourage their students to turn inward with the mindfulness aspects of yoga.



Here are some teachers who are very active on social and have cultivated large communities: 




If you’re into meditation, here’s a studio that does virtual sessions: https://linktr.ee/denmeditation


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