We’re making it easier than ever for you to unsubscribe

If you don’t want to hear from us ever again, we want to make that happen. No friction, no pain. And thanks for playing!


🌲 We’re making it easier for you to unsubscribe from Linktree

🌲 Engaging with the internet should be your choice, and it should be an easy choice

🌲 We want authentic engagement. And we want to earn it through a great user experience

At Linktree, we’re making our unsubscribe button bigger and more discoverable. If you want out, we want to make that smooth and straightforward.

It’s going to be the best unsubscribe experience you’ve ever had.

It’s a seemingly small and simple change to the link at the bottom of an email, but for us it’s a change that echoes our values. It’s in line with what we believe matters; creating a beautiful user experience that respects what our users actually want and elevates their ability to make their own choices.

Let’s talk about why that’s important…

The internet is ~the most. It’s an attention economy.

You don’t have an endless supply of attention. There are so many different channels and priorities competing for it every second of every day. And that’s not a bad thing! We’re more connected to our friends, we’re more connected to our loved ones, and we’re more plugged into our passions and communities. 

It’s just easy to get overloaded.

💡 There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day online. Millions of videos, posts, images, articles, tweets, reels and memes.

Okay. That’s a lot. Take a breath. And if you’re still reading, thanks for your attention so far.

The truth is, the internet wants your attention because everyone wants you to engage. And it comes at a cost.

But there are brands and platforms that just can’t let go. Some brands have decided that they need to push their users as hard and as much as possible to get every possible second of their attention. And it becomes so pushy that they don’t give their audience a choice or a preference anymore. It can get overwhelming – too many notifications, too many emails and too many hoops to jump through if you want to take control of it.

We want to start asking the question:

What’s engagement worth, if your users aren’t engaging by choice? 

Engaging should be an awesome experience. 

Every single engagement should be something that sparks joy, and you should be able to have as much choice over it as possible. If you want to Marie Kondo your notifications, it shouldn’t be an impossible task. Whether it’s an email, an alert or a social post, it should be up to you if, where, when and how you consume it.

We’re taking action

We want to engage with you. But we want it to be authentic, we want it to be mutual, and we want it to be respectful of the attention you give us. Everyone has to be able to take charge of what they do and how they do it. 

This is the first step we’re taking on a bigger journey. Our goal is to give our users and our community more control over how and where they spend their attention. 

If you’ve got any ideas about how you want to take back your choice and your attention – absolutely email us. We promise we’ll answer. You have our attention! ✨


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