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Connecting Cudiences to Content: Linktree for Publications

Some of the world’s biggest publications are using Linktree – rad pioneers of journalism like The Guardian, The Atlantic, Viceland and Forbes Asia. Here are our top tips for creating an engaging Linktree that converts your followers into readers.

linktree publications

Increasingly we’re seeing different niches of our community use Linktree in ways that work best for them. With more than 2.5 million users, Linktree is the world’s most-trusted link in bio tool. Our users are upping the ante when it comes to getting their followers to connect with their content.

For publishing, that’s a good thing. Traditional media suffered in the digital age, but with these new tools news outlets and magazines are finding ways to build meaningful relationships with their audiences beyond the feed.

Best practice for publications

Here’s your checklist, publications! We’ll break each down beneath.

  • Use social icons
  • Set priority links
  • Integrate your newsletter sign-up
  • Limit link copy length
  • Use thumbnail imagery
  • Reflect your brand
  • Leap Links for breaking news
  • Kill old links!

Employ those social icons

As part of the PRO package, you’re able to use social icons at the bottom of your Linktree page. Save the valuable link-space for your articles, but without missing a chance to connect with your audience on other social platforms.

Behind those familiar icons, you can link wherever is important – your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Patreon and more!

Set Priority Links

You’re using Linktree because you want to make all of your content discoverable, but you still may have a focal piece of content you want to push out to your audience. Setting a Priority Link is the perfect way to do this – making the link stand out no matter where it’s placed on your Linktree.

You can pick from four different ‘actions’, ranging from a wobbling link to a dramatic slide-in. You can only have one Priority Link at a time, so choose carefully!

Integrate your newsletter sign-up

Grow your list while still connecting your audience to the content they care about, with Linktree’s email sign-up integration. It means that your visitor can subscribe to your newsletter without leaving your Linktree – it all happens seamlessly in-screen, without navigating away.

Create catchy link copy

If you’re a publication, copy is probably your thing, so we won’t labour this point too hard. Write snappy, concise link titles. You may have to edit down the article’s title or you may want to specify which section this article is in. Think about the overall structure of the Linktree, the other links it’s sitting amongst and how appealing the CTA is.

We’ve got an article on writing good link copy here, that might be useful for junior staffers.

Throw in a thumbnail

Thumbnail imagery can help readers quickly discover the content they’re after, especially if they’ve discovered your Linktree through a specific Instagram post. It’s a PRO feature, and you don’t have to use it across every link – it might make more sense for recipes than for breaking news, for example.

While we’re on breaking news…

Use Leap Links

From time to time things happen which require us to put all of our eggs in one basket, and direct all traffic to one place. Maybe that’s a major piece of breaking news, maybe it’s the launch of a new site, or an event that’s in progress. We’ve created Leap Links as a way for you to direct all traffic to a single location, for a specified length of time, without needing to change your bio link.

When the scheduled time is up, we’ll automatically send traffic to your Linktree again so that your audience will find all of your content. It means you don’t lose precious eyeballs or add another step to your social media scheduling.

Customize your Linktree

Make sure your house style is reflected on Linktree with our custom styling features which allow you to select fonts, backgrounds, and buttons colors. You can even upload your own design as a background image. We find some of the simplest profiles work best, just check out the Guardian’s simplicity.

Go the extra mile and change the header at the top of the page. It automatically displays your Linktree username, but you could change it to something relevant like “the latest news”. You can also switch off the Linktree logo with the PRO package if you want a cleaner look.

Kill old links!

Having an endless scroll of article links on your Lintkree isn’t best practice. You want your audience to easily find the content they need, rather than having to work for it. You’ll know from your Linktree analytics which links are performing best, and which aren’t getting much traffic, so don’t be afraid to bin the dead links and keep your Lintkree looking shiny and new.

And don’t forget, it’s easy to drag and drop your links to reorder them on the tree.

Employ digital best practice

You don’t lose out on any of your tracking when using Linktree – you can set your UTM parameters to retarget your traffic and get your Linktree traffic to show as ‘social’ within Google Analytics, as well as see simple visit and click metrics within the Linktree admin.

If you’re a publication and you want more guidance, just reach out to us! We’re always happy to help our community members work out the best way to use their Linktrees.


Words By Katie Smith

5 mins

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