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Linktree for Non-Profits & Charities

Words By Katie Smith4 mins

Social media is both a gift and a curse for non-profits these days. On one hand, their messages can get seen by vast audiences – but there is a lot of noise to cut through. Meet these NFPs using Linktree to help connect audiences to their causes.

linktree for non-profits

Something that’s been really fantastic for the Linktree team to see is how each different sector of our community uses their Linktree in different ways. We love being able to support sharing the mission of individuals, communities and organizations doing good work.

Be more than a follower

Following non-profits online is a two-way street. To find out how audiences can support charitable causes online, we chatted to Stefanus Wong, Senior Digital Strategy Editor at Greenpeace. While he does encourage you to share non-profits messages on social media “Slacktivism works”, he says the best way to support a mission is “to start with yourself, through actions. You can eat less meat, reduce single-use plastic, use public transportation, support our allies, amplify the voices of minorities who are standing on the frontline, and most importantly, vote. We need system change and, at this stage, every bit counts.”

While growing online audiences is important for any non-profit, Wong says “it is not our main objective. From a content marketer perspective, our main objective is deepening our engagement. The audience growth will follow.” For Greenpeace, that includes big action around Global Climate Strike on 20-27 September. “The younger generation has done a tremendously wonderful job in bringing the issue of climate change to the forefront. It is now our duty as adults to support them when they need help.”

So get out there and take action! And if you’re a registered charity, let us know. We give free PRO to all charities if you fill out this form.

charity linktree

Goodwill SoCal

One of the great things about social media is that localized non-profits can create their own accounts and content for their audiences. The Southern California branch of Goodwill does that super well. They tap into and sponsor other online content which supports their cause super well – linking off to thrifting video tips, Goodwill ‘haul’ vids from YouTubers, a thrifting personality test and fashion trend stories on Cosmopolitan. This is a great way to create buzz around their mission without seeming preachy.

One Tree Planted

This is our charity partner through September – we’re planting a tree for every new PRO signup! We actually discovered this non-profit when it signed up to Linktree and we love the way they use a photographic background to drive home what it is they do. There is so much you can do on this Linktree, but our fave aspect is One Tree Planted has used the Mailchimp integration so that visitors can sign-up to their newsletter without clicking away from the Linktree. That means they’re still going to click through on another piece of content – great for those all-important CTRs!

charity Linktree
charity Linktree

1 Million Women

1 Million Women is a global community of women and girls taking action against climate change. This September they’re running ‘1 Million Actions for the Planet’ – a 21 day challenge to cut carbon pollution by going plastic, car, meat or dairy free. You can join the challenge in the top link on their Linktree.

They’re using the curved button shape that comes with PRO, as well as an animated background – this one is from our Valentine’s theme earlier this year.

Also top marks for the emoji in link copy! A nice way of drawing the eye to the action.

Paw Works

Awww doggies! This charity looks out for our canine and feline pals, and also makes us want to move into homes with large gardens so we can adopt them ALL.

Paw Works’ Linktree shows you how you can help out, whatever your situation, from donating to their Giving Grid, sending items from their Amazon Wishlist to attending PetPop – a dog experience where you get to play with pups and take pics for the ‘gram, with proceeds going to pet shelters. Smart relevant marketing from Paw Works.

charity linktree

Want more non-profit marketing tips? We quizzed Jeannette Knutti, founder of the Digitial Academy for Marketing Nonprofits. Take a read here.

And if you know of a charity that could benefit from a free Linktree PRO, point them our way and we’ll be happy to hook them up!


Words By Katie Smith

4 mins

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