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Your cheat sheet to this year’s Triple J Hottest 100

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One annual tradition that is not widely known outside of Australia unites all Aussie music lovers. Every January, the country stops to listen to the Hottest 100. It’s a poll of the country’s 100 favorite songs of the year, voted by the public and conducted by national radio station triple j.

The Hottest 100 is always held smack bang in the middle of Australian summer. That means it’s best enjoyed outdoors, with a sausage sizzle in hand and a couple of cold beers in the cooler. (La Niña permitting, that is.)

But you don’t need to be in Australia to enjoy this annual music event. Australians worldwide listen in on the Triple j Hottest 100, and you can too.

This year’s poll happens from January 21-22 and promises some big shake-ups. So what do you need to know about the 2021 Hottest 100? Here’s a quick guide.

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It’s twice as big this year

This year, we’re getting double the countdown.

To give you extra time to soak up the best tracks of the year, triple j is starting the party early. On Friday, January 21, it will kick off by playing the tunes that placed from 200 to 101. The next day, on Saturday, January 22, the station will count down the songs that made it from 100 to 1.

That’s different to how triple j usually does things. In previous years, the ‘Hottest 200’ has dropped after the Hottest 100. 

Two days not enough for you? On Sunday January 23, switch over to Double J to flashback to the Hottest 100 of 2001the year Alex Lloyd’s ‘Amazing’ topped the poll.

Alex Lloyd Linktree

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Bieber might win – controversially

The best bit of every Hottest 100 is finding out which track takes the top spot. There’s a couple of strong contenders for #1 this year – and they’re both a little unusual.

One of the frontrunners is the Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber collaboration ‘Stay’.

That’s notable because the Hottest 100 doesn’t typically reward big popstars. In fact, in the past, triple j has gone as far as banning votes for the likes of Bieber and Taylor Swift

But even more importantly, if ‘Stay’ does land at number one, it will be a huge moment for The Kid Laroi. The Kamilaroi artist from inner-city Sydney has had a massive couple of years, with ‘Stay’ securing him a #1 single around the world. For an Indigenous rapper who’s only 18 years old, adding a Hottest 100 win to his resume would be a very big deal.

Kid LAROI Linktree

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…or maybe your childhood favorites will

But the song that is currently predicted to take #1 comes from a group that’s been around a whole lot longer than Laroi: The Wiggles.

The legendary children’s performers had a surprise hit last year when they covered Tame Impala’s 2012 track ‘Elephant’ – quickly going viral. Their cover even picked up traction on TikTok, a social media platform that was credited with helping to propel several tracks up the countdown last year.

Wherever The Wiggles land, it won’t be the first time a track with some novelty value makes it into the Hottest 100.

Of course, neither The Wiggles nor Kid Laroi are guaranteed the top spot. They might get edged out by Olivia Rodrigo, who is also predicted to place in the top five with ‘good 4 u’.

The Wiggles Linktree Profile

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It’s a masterclass in how to promote your music

The Hottest 100 is a publicly decided poll, which means it’s up to artists to encourage their fans to vote.

A lot of musicians really go the extra mile in the lead-up to the Hottest 100, coming up with creative ways to remind fans to vote. Bands like The Jungle Giants have devised traffic-stopping ways – literally – to ask for votes. But the likes of Lime Cordiale and Ziggy Ramo have proved that promoting your music can be as simple as posting a photo. 

Lime Cordiale Linktree

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The Hottest 100 is a great example of how to use social media to promote your music (or merch, or tour dates…)

  • First, craft engaging and authentic content to grab your audience’s attention. This should be content that looks and feels at home on your social media channels.
  • Next, make it as simple as possible for your audience to buy your tour tickets, grab your new merch or vote for you in the Hottest 100 by putting everything in your Linktree. (That’s what Jungle Giants, Ziggy Ramo and Lime Cordiale did. Even triple j have a Linktree in their bio!)
Triple j Linktree

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  • With Linktree Pro, you can level things up by using our Shopify integration to sell merch right on your profile. You can even use Linktree Pro to display a preview of your latest Spotify track. It’s all about making things as seamless as possible.

Listen to Linktree’s very own top 10 below

We like to think that Linktree and music go together like the Hottest 100 and an Australian summer. Enjoy! 



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