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How Influencers & Creators Are Using Linktree

Few people encapsulate the entrepreneurial spirit so well as influencers. Combining social connectedness and creativity with digital smarts, influencers are at the apex of some of the most fascinating stuff happening online right now.

Linktree social icons

We’re lucky to count many of the world’s best influencers as part of the Linktree fam, across the breadth of health and fitness, fashion, beauty, TikTok, streamers and yes, pet-fluencers.

Let’s take a look at the ways influencers are using Linktree to drive their content and their businesses.

1. Run multiple campaigns at any one time

You’ve likely got a a tonne of different content objectives at any one time. You need to push your sponsored content and ad work, you’ve got affiliate products and of course your BAU organic content that grew you this far. Using a Linktree showcases your diverse range of content, while keeping all your partners happy and your revenue streams flowing. It also creates those long tail opportunities once a campaign is no longer the featured article/post—you’ve still got space for it amongst your mix.

Tools that will work best for you:

  • Link Scheduling: set your links to go live right in line with campaigns or product launches.
  • Priority Links: animate a single link to draw attention to your current piece of featured content.
  • Leap Links: for those special launches or collaborations, you can set a Linktree bypass for a limited time, without needing to change any of your bio links.
  • Video Links: embed your video content directly into your Linktree and still clock views on it, and clicks on more content.

2. Get data on conversion you can show to brands

Data is your wingman when you are negotiating projects. Being able to offer brands and collaborators insights around how engaged your audience is with your content, what drives conversion for you, and where you get your referrals from serious strength to your business. Using Linktree, these insights take no unearthing—they’re presented to you on clear charts.

  • Geo data: find out where your audience is from. You may even discover there’s a country driving more traffic than you expected, that opens up a new partnership opportunity.
  • Referral data: which sites send traffic your way? You can measure campaign effectiveness from your side too.
  • CSV downloads: if you want to dig into the raw data and chart your Linktree stats alongside data from other platforms, simply download a date range and go!

3. Full control over your branding

Your personal brand is probably pretty unique to you, after all you’ve grown an audience around it! So being able to showcase what makes your brand yours is important. With Linktree, you can flex the full range of customization tools.

  • Set a custom avatar: as a simple first win, replace your header pic!
  • Select a preset theme: pick from the range available
  • Or fully customize your own: you can upload your own background image, or select your brand palette for use across buttons, backgrounds and shadowing.
  • Switch up your fonts and button shapes: get creative, and watch to see if conversion changes with your button and font selections.

4. Increase your audiences across the breadth of your channels

Linktree is the one-stop-shop for all of your content. Not only do you only need to update it in one place, but you also have just the one link to share to drive your traffic to it.

  • Use social icons: declutter the links on your Linktree by using the social icons to point visitors to each of your platforms.
  • Put your Linktree everywhere: make your Linktree do the legwork in unifying your content by using it in the bios across all of your platforms and in campaign links.
  • Use custom meta: make sure you’re discovered easily by overhauling your Linktree SEO.
linktree for influencers

Travel and Wellness with Kiera Rumble

Kiera is your absolute influencer all-rounder, the perfect embodiment of a multi-hyphenate. Aus-based Kiera is a travel and wellness influencer who creates healthy recipes. She’s founder of Krumbled, a wellness brand that creates healthy snacks and beauty tools. She also creates ebooks on things like happiness and social isolation. So of course she has a Linktree to connect all these super-skills!

She’s used the PRO custom theme creator to upload her own background image and to choose button colors that suit her personal brand. She’s also using the social icons so that her links remain uncluttered and she’s equally discoverable across all her platforms.

World record breaking influencer, Joe Wicks

When Joe “The Body Coach” Wicks started out, he was posting 15 second video recipes on social media. Fast forward six years, and he’s one of the world’s most successful fitness influencers, with 4.4 million followers on Facebook, 3m on Instagram, 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube, 421,000 on Twitter. In March this year, Joe broke the Guinness World Record for most-viewed live fitness stream on YouTube.

He’s driving his traffic to YouTube videos using the PRO Video Links tool, and sign-ups to his 90 day health plans via the Priority Link. Joe keeps his Linktree profile looking clean, focusing on driving conversion over pushing a heavy brand message.


linktree for influencers
linktree influencers

Dog-fluencer, Tucker

Of course we can’t ignore the furry friends with giant audiences who are using Linktree to grow their brands! One of our faves is Golden Retriever Tucker Budzyn, who has gone from Instagram sensation to TikTok superstardom (7.1m followers) and YouTube fame (nearly 2m subscribers). Tucker’s owners use Linktree to drive audiences to their latest video content, using Video Links, and to encourage visitors to download the Tucker emoji app. Social icons keep Tucker’s Linktree concise and drive to the full array of his content. Who’s a good boy?

Looking for more tips on how you can monetize your social audience with Linktree? Get these hot tips from LinkedIn influencer, Nathaniel Bibby.


Words By Katie Smith

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