Phone screen shots with a GoFundMe link embed and a #StandForUkraine banner on a Ukrainian flag

Linktree and GoFundMe #StandWithUkraine

We’ve partnered with our friends at GoFundMe to empower our community to choose which causes they want to take action on. You don’t have to choose between local fundraisers and global emergencies, because you can now support and promote all of the causes you care about right on your Linktree.  

Phone screen shots with a GoFundMe link embed and a #StandForUkraine banner on a Ukrainian flag

Around the world, people like you use Linktree to share your story and connect your community with the things you care about most. 

It’s impossible to ignore the escalating intersection of humanitarian and environmental crises that 2022 has presented us with: from COVID-19 to political unrest in Europe to devastating floods on the east coast of Australia. These challenges present enormous mental and physical struggles for everyone involved, but the one thing that remains strong is the human spirit. 

At Linktree, we’ve been built on the ethos of making the internet a better place, using our influence to drive social good and empowering our community with tools to do the same. We’ve rallied to quickly build a new GoFundMe integration so that you can support the causes you care about directly from your Linktree, now and in the future. Simply paste in a GoFundMe fundraiser link and the fundraiser will be embedded in your Linktree, allowing visitors to see real-time details about the efforts and easily make a contribution.

Phone with screenshot of a GoFundMe Fundraiser link embedded on a Linktree

Social media is a powerful tool for raising awareness for causes you care about, and Linktree is the best place to send your audience to find out more. GoFundMe’s mission is to help people support each other through providing an easy way to give and receive donations. This new feature on Linktree is a tool anyone can use to shine light on the causes they care about, no matter the scale. From global crises and natural disasters to supporting your local food bank or raising money for a family member’s medical needs, this feature helps you rally your community in a powerful new way. Some global causes in need of support right now are:

Need help setting up your GoFundMe integration? Learn everything you need to know here.

In addition to the GoFundMe integration, we’ve also actioned a #StandWithUkraine banner that you turn on to connect your audiences to resources to support Ukrainian people in great need.

Screenshot of #StandWithUkraine banner on a phone with a Ukrainian flag behind

This banner will link to a raft of verified organizations providing humanitarian assistance on the ground in Ukraine, including GoFundMe’s centralized hub of resources and verified fundraisers to support. The citizens of Ukraine have been put in an unthinkable position and for the rest of us, it’s hard to figure out how we can help. This banner is a small step we can take to empower our community to #StandWithUkraine. 

Sadly, in some parts of the world, a simple social media update can result in targeting for retaliation online or in real life. It’s always important to consider your own safety (and that of those around you) when taking action for the causes you care about. It’s always beneficial to stay curious, think twice, and consider any implications when you post content, or add it to your Linktree. We’ve developed a short checklist to help you navigate the bare minimum to help keep yourself safe while conducting activism on social media. 

Wherever you are in the world, we want you to know this: Your advocacy matters, and Linktree will always be a place to share causes that matter most to you on a global or local scale. 



Words By Maddy Cox

4 mins

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