Monetization on Linktree.

Introducing 3 new ways to diversify how you make money on Linktree

Making money online can feel like a grind – and if you don’t diversify your income streams, you’ll soon grind to a halt. So, how are the most successful creators today changing it up?

Not every fan’s ready to buy your entire online course – but creators who thrive know not to look at that as a lost sale. Instead, it’s an opportunity to show them how to support you in a different way! Fans may be open to tipping you as a quick “thanks” for the free content. Others will prefer to support you by purchasing merch. Ideally, you’ll find plenty of people willing to do a mix of the three. Giving your audience options to support you in a way that suits them, means they’re more likely to do so – and that’s what brings you the freedom, flexibility, and security to keep doing what you love.

That’s why Linktree is kicking off your 2023 with three new options to turn your Linktree into a stronger earnings channel, and let fans and followers support you in more ways.

Let fans say “thanks” with Buy Me a Gift

Buy Me a Gift is the ultimate way for your fans to thank you in just a few clicks. It’s fun, simple and quick, and there’s no account creation required.

Buy Me a Gift feature on Linktree.

Buy Me A Gift is a lot like the Linker-favorite feature, Tip Jar – but with a little more inspiration thrown in! Pick from fun emoji gift options such as  🌮, 🎂, or 🎁 that represent what a fan’s gift means to you. Then, set a price and connect your PayPal or Square account to get paid.

Payment is easy too. Your fans can use Paypal, Venmo, credit or debit cards when you connect Paypal, and Apple Pay or Google Pay when you connect Square.

Here’s the best part. For a limited time, Linktree won’t charge any transaction fees. That means more dough for you! Payment providers may charge their own processing fees, which you can give your fans an option to cover, too.

Once you’ve added your Buy Me a Gift link to your Linktree, you can share a URL to bring folks directly to it. Head to your Linktree on desktop, hover over your Buy Me a Gift link and select the share icon. This gets you a short link (e.g. that drives donation traffic straight to your Linktree.

Ready to get more tips from your fans? Instantly add a Buy Me a Gift link here. You can also head to your Linktree admin, hit the “+ Add link” button, select “View all” and find Buy Me A Gift under “Make and Collect Money”. Learn more in our Help Center!

Level up your digital product game and get those sales with @sendowl on Linktree 📈 With this new feature, you can sell audiobooks, videos, images, software, memberships, exclusive events, courses, and more! This allows you to add to your multiple income streams by monetizing almost any online product with ease. #multipleincomestreams #makemoneyonline #contentcreatortips #creatoreconomy #incomestreams #onlinecourses #sidehustleideas #beginnersidehustle #digitalproductstosell #selldigitalproducts

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Drive more sales with SendOwl Links

Are you ready to take your digital product game to the next level? Look no further. Linktree has teamed up with SendOwl to make it super easy for creators, makers, educators, trainers, entertainers and more to sell and deliver almost any online product. Monetize audiobooks, videos, images, software, memberships, exclusive events, courses, and so much more with ease.

SendOwl functionality on Linktree.

First things first, you’ll need a SendOwl account – but don’t worry. It’s quick and easy to set up.

Then, add a SendOwl link and display up to 10 digital products right in your Linktree as a browsable carousel. If you’re just starting out, that’s okay too. You can display a single SendOwl product on your Linktree page, and it will look great!

Your customers can tap “Shop Now” and get redirected to browse all of your SendOwl products, or tap “Buy Now” to be taken directly to the checkout flow for the product they’ve chosen. In both cases, the checkout is hosted on SendOwl, so the whole process is simple and safe.

When a buyer completes checkout, SendOwl automatically sends them a secure link to retrieve their digital goods. The process is fast and easy for them, and a breeze for you too.

What are you waiting for? Start monetizing your digital products with Linktree and SendOwl right here! You can also head to your Linktree admin, hit the “+ Add link” button, select “View all” and find SendOwl under “Make and Collect Money”. Learn more in our Help Center.

Showcase and sell custom merch with ease using Bonfire Links

Merch is a powerful tool for creators, musicians and small businesses looking to diversify their revenue streams. Bonfire and Linktree have teamed up to make it effortless to create and sell your unique designs.

Bonfire functionality on Linktree.

With Bonfire, creating and uploading your designs is a breeze. By adding a storefront to your Linktree, you can easily promote your custom designs and reach a wider audience.

Entering the merch game used to be complicated, but now, it takes a matter of minutes. Best of all, there’s almost no risk to you because Bonfire takes care of printing, inventory and shipping, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Start generating sales and expanding your revenue streams with custom merch that seamlessly integrates with your Linktree. You can add Bonfire to your Linktree instantly here. Alternatively, head to your Linktree admin, hit the “+ Add link” button, select “View all” and find Bonfire under “Make and Collect Money”. You can learn more about the Bonfire link in our Help Center.

If you were looking for a sign to start monetizing, or to give your existing monetization streams a refresh – this is it! We can’t wait to see how you branch out and make money with Buy Me a Gift, SendOwl and Bonfire. While you’re there, don’t forget that you’ve already got access to powerful monetization tools like Shopify and Spring store integrations, Payment Locks, a Tip Jar and much, much more on your Linktree.


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